Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Photoshoot Sun 29 Aug 09

What a weekend it was!

Not only was the photo session heaps of fun but we had a good amount of time to catch up with lindy and dallas and as always I can learn a lot from lindy! Not enough nice things can be said about this happy couple who made us feel so welcome and comfortable. 

I only slept about 5 hours Saturday night, I think I was too excited! I was up early and usual quite hungry so I got my cardio out of the way to earn breakfast. I had every intention of going along with ali and lindy for their walk on the beach as well but found my butt stubbornly planted on a comfy recliner in front of a plasma with cable TV… at this point you don’t really have the energy for anything extra!  :P 

We planned the timing of the shoot to coincide with 4 week out mark because we thought surely by this point we’d be looking pretty decent! ;) lol. And although I feel pretty ordinary and bloated from all the vegies and water pretty much all the time, overall I’m happy with where I was at body fat wise for them- lean but healthy looking. Its funny, you can’t really imagine how you’re going to feel at the various stages of prep til you get there, despite having seen others go through it. I expected to feel tiny and like death for the last 6 weeks but its only every now and then I get what I call the ‘skinny’ panic..! and that changes day to day, some days im still fat, other days I think im hot stuff! Lol its all in your head of course but honestly, most of the time I’m too tired or busy to really care- hair is always pulled back, minimal makeup, baggy clothes etc. That’s why glamming up for the pics was so much fun. 

Dallas has already sent me the proofs to go through and 'cull the duds' so I can't wait to see the finished products. And of course jadey I will be posting ‘one’ for you…  everyday until you guys beg me to stop.. hahahaa..


Jadey said...

Just keep posting away gorgeous! I'll never ask you to stop! It's awesome to see you are going so well gorgeous girl. You are so lovely, you deserve all the wonderful feelings this journey gives you. J xoxoxox

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