Monday, September 21, 2009

Congrats to INBA competitors

What a great show! Big congrats to my good friend Hanna for placing third in the novice figure short class; having kept in contact with her during our prep I know just how hard this girl worked and getting to see her overcome nerves and pose so gracefully onstage was fabulous. My throat was a lil hoarse from the yelling, hehe!

I also got to meet the lovely bloggers Kristin (pic above) and Tiarna for the first time, who competed in the novice tall class and was lucky to get a quick hello with Tara by chance (outside ladies loos of course heehee!) who competed in open figure. All amazing, beautiful girls who really stood out onstage :) 

At first watching the show gave me butterflies thinking about mine on Saturday but as the day went on I got more and more excited about it. I wish I had my bikini cos at the moment its impossible to even picture myself up there but I understand how busy poor Jo is! 

Saw coach this morning and got great news- dropped 3ml this week and half of that was from my quad at last! My triceps were STILL unchanged and are only 0.5ml off what my quad is... which just boggles the mind! strangely though i don't mind my tricep pose, so remembering they are only numbers at the end of the day! 

Got my deplete/load plan and all the info for the days leading up to saturday, not too scary at all but bring on carb up thats for sure!

Looking back I could not have worked any harder so I am happy, coach is happy.... Finally feel ready :)


Hanni said...

Oh Steph you are so going to love it up there thats it next year lets do it together k! I keep looking back at the pics from yesterday "nah thats not me" haha im so happy with how everything went the nerves mins upon stepping on stage where omg freaking me out i almost cried! And i had the shakes so bad but kept trying to pretend i was up there bout to teach a class which settled me more and more! Thank you so much for your support sweetie i think you will do so well this weekend you are looking fab! And omg Ali looks great too best of luck to you both for your final week and im here if you need me k will call you through the week xoxo

Rebecca said...

You are going to knock em dead on the weekend Steph. What a wonderful feeling to know you can't have done any better and have given it 100%. Wow.

Good luck with the comp prep this week and can't wait to see pics from the weekend :)

Rebecca xox

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