Saturday, September 5, 2009

3 weeks out

Hey there

Quick update- had the cheat meal last night! I kept forgetting about it all week but then come yesterday was really looking forward to what I had planned. Felt a little anxious before eating it wondering how I would go and I ate as slow as possible! The flavour of the lasagne and its cheese was explosive to my tastebuds! I went to a lot of trouble to get my favourite one from verve in the CBD as they make it with roast pumpkin- yummo! I also had dessert and a coffee and did have a little trouble stopping before I felt overfull but despite this, I am pleased to say I had absolutely no trouble returning to my planned eats today- in fact I enjoyed my fish even more! I cooked up a fresh batch of cod with fresh ginger, cumin, garlic and had it with my mashed cauliflower and greens, yum! 

I'm glad we got the chance to have this meal because I see it as good practice for post comp. I'm very aware of all the horror binging stories that everyone seems to have gone through at least once post comp! In fact, I have come away from conversations with competitors that have left me wondering whether this rebound is inevitable.. i don't like that thought! I think it would be easy to get caught up in the excitement of post comp celebrations where everyone is encouraging eachother to .. gorge. And of course all your friends and family will want to have a meal out with you, not having been able to for so long! I'm just going to stay positive and pace myself as much as I can. I know that coach will have a plan in place for me and I've gotten used to doing as I'm told so we'll just see what happens- right now I'm looking forward to relaxation much more than any food!

Its been a really positive week for me and I've enjoyed training too. I even enjoyed my High intensity cardio session this morning, it felt good to push myself running intervals and kickboxing. I put on some really daggy 80's music loud on our stereo and sang along to it- the neighbours probably think I'm nutso! hehehe... probably.


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Steph, I think that since you have learnt good eating habits coming into this comp, you should do well coming out as long as you keep applying those habits. Glad you enjoyed your cheat, and your regular food afterwards!

Esme said...

Good on you, maybe just a jolt to the body of a cheat is what it needs to just get on with it! Great going Steph.

I think potential post comp eating must sometimes feel like post weight loss maintenence on speed!!!!! Must be very hard with such a strict eating plan for so long. As Charlotte says you have good eating habits, there will be some changes post comp - not that I know personally, just from reading many blogs, but it seems they are controlable. Not coming from person experience, but just reading others.

Good luck with everything over the next few weeks, look forward to haring how things go.

Michelle said...

I think you'll do fine post comp. Binging isn't inevitable. After all the sugar I had backstage at my comps all I wanted was lean and green at the end of the day.
I went out with my family for thai food and just got fish and stirfried greens!

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