Saturday, September 12, 2009

2 weeks out

woo hoo! hit that 'over it' feeling this week, particularly since losing my beloved oats :( lol, this was the first change to the diet that made me feel just a little deprived, i got more carbs during the day but i don't care about that- oats were the nice sweet filling start to the day- you girls know what i mean! BUT its not for long and we do what it takes, don't we. 

Got to nail that 'deprived' feeling on the head when i feel it though- that's what would get me into trouble post comp and make it harder to add things back in gradually. The more 'deprived' i feel, the more i can justify eating til the cows come home, lol! Im concentrating on how good it will be to have back the healthy items that were formerly on my plan-- adding fruit to my oats like the pic above should feel like total luxury!

Got a cardio session done at lunchtime walking through the botanical gardens yesterday- chatting with the lovely Hanni helped the time fly! Its so good whenever you have the chance to have a chat to a fellow competitor, you share ideas and encourage eachother but mostly just have a great vent! Being 1-2 weeks out at the moment as we are, its certainly a strange mix of being soo close yet so far!

Grocery shopping has certainly gotten easier the last few weeks! Ali and I tend to go on a Friday night (paaarty animals) to get it done when its quieter and more often than not because we're all out of food! I was just looking over our docket from last night's trip and for a bodybuilder and figure chick 2 weeks out from comp it included the following:
4 kg fish
3 kg chicken
~12kg broccoli
other vege eg green beans, celery, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, cabbage, fresh garlic & ginger
white potato and sweet potato
as many egg cartons as we think will fit in our fridge (dam woolies not stocking the whites atm!)
diet cordial for training, too much diet softdrink and diet jelly LOL!

Without fail we get the comments, 'wow you guys like broccoli don't you' etc- I have now limited my standard response to 'oh, you have no idea' with a nice smile... if its a customer they might even buy a bit more themselves, wondering if they're missing out on something.. haha!


Charlotte Orr said...

Great attitude Steph. Keep it up!

Michelle said...

You've gotta love that filling feeling.

I just came up with a new awesome chicken and broccoli dish.

Brocolli pesto stuffed chicken breast. Cooked broccoli and garlic pureed in the blender then stuffed in a chicken breast and roasted

Anonymous said...

I had my oats cut once too so I feel ya. Only 2 more weeks to go!

At least they know what the veggie is! The "girls" at my store have to have the produce guy come up to verify what I tell them it is. Who doesn't know what asparagus and kale are?? Weirdos.

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