Saturday, September 19, 2009

1 week out

Ahhh starting to relax now that I have completed my last day of work pre- comp; going to take a couple of days after next weekend off too to recover.. and scrub off the tan as best I can! The mild in comparison spray tans we got 3 weeks ago for our photoshoot stuck like glue to me and my dry skin! :S I have been scrubbing and moisturising like a good girl religiously, since.

I think the pain of this week's diet is finally starting to pay off, feeling leaner this week so hopefully a good result when we see coach again on Monday. Then its a case of the final drop in skinfolds due to the water deplete which for us girls esp I think can be quite significant!

I am so excited about heading to Chandler tomorrow morning to see the INBA show. I'll be looking out for friends and bloggers Hanna, Kristin,  Tiarna as well as my friend from CBJ's Renee,  in the novice class as well as Tara and another friend from gym, Michelle in either tall or open classes... (not sure which but Im sure I won't miss it!)

I am hoping to see a fantastic turnout and a lot of support, encouragement and fun going on up there on stage- work it girls! Be confident, stay switched on, work hard but make it look easy ;) Can someone please give me this same advice next weekend? Thanks x


Splice said...

Steph I will be there to help you out at the show when it starts.
I will speak to JD this Tuesday when I see him and he will instruct me on what he wants me to do to help :-)

You have already done all the hard work so now just brush up on posing everyday and get everything ready for the big day :-)

NO Stress!!

Deb xxx

P.s. will call you after 3pm today.

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Steph, you will romp it have no worries. Your comp prep has been so methodical.

Anonymous said...

Look at those lean legs! Looking great! This next week is going to fly!

Anonymous said...

you look GREAT. you are going to kill it at your comp :)

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