Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy face to struggle street and back again

only 16 days to go??!!! i cannot quite believe it!

Thought I’d better balance things out with another reality update- I was SOo hungry yesterday! My worst enemy is hunger and although some of it is ‘head hunger’ I hate the feeling of counting down to my next meal, stuffing in a huge volume of vegies and feeling the tummy ‘swell’ but not feel satisfied. Ah these are harder days but at least they’re infrequent- usually non training days where I have to spread the meals out a little more. I had also had a great back workout the night before (Mon) so I chose to believe that was making me hungrier and that it was all a good thing, lol.

The struggle got home when getting my cardio done, my tights were too hot, my legs were tired, hips tight and sore and the time just plain dragged! I had to use the advice to ‘just put one foot in front of the other’ quite literally! Stretching afterward felt great. See how there is a positive to every negative? You just have to find it!

Feeling fairly neutral so far today, I'm thinking its coffee time :) liquid gold!!! I am a proud addict and it is a lifesaver to dieters but I do stick to two cups per day- otherwise I'd probably be climbing the walls..

On a completely random tangent, I just read and worked out that Im currently eating double the chicken the average Australian eats per year… without even trying, I eat more than double the amount of fish per day right now than I do chicken.. lol! But seriously people, where’s the meat? Don’t you hate going out for meals and trying to find it in amongst all the rice/pasta etc? Well I used to, I order different things now!  


Doris's BEHAG journey said...

You are kicking it Steph! I agree with you when ordering meals out, Where is the protein???? On average you would be lucky to see on average 100gms on that plate. Like you, I order cleanly, so you are guaranteed your required amount of protein for th meal.

Anonymous said...

I love chicken and fish! I've never been a red meat eater.

16 more days woman and it'll be worth the pain and mental anguish :)

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