Friday, February 27, 2009

I need to be a good girl

...and do a lot more of this!
Must must must MAKE time to properly warm up my muscles before a workout and either stretch between sets or afterward- my hamstrings in particular have been so tight lately im worried they'll snap!
Wow, I remember being a youngin (not TOOO long ago) and how flexible we all were at that age. Remember when all there was to do at lunchtimes was handstands, cartwheels, 'the splitz', bridge and various other body contortionism? Ah, those were the carefree days :)
Training is going great, getting used to a five day split and after following a program quite religiously for about 6 weeks, instead of changing it I decided to ditch the idea altogether (at least for now) and go back to the way I used to train, intuitively. All of a sudden, I am getting kick a$$ DOMS again, woo hoo!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Looking forward to the 09 comps!

Can time go a little bit faster please! I can't wait to catch up with more gals from Lindy's forum  and blogland when the comps start to kick off this year!

This photo was taken of me and my AP (Accountability partner) Deb at the ANB State Titles in September 2008- the comp that Ali and I will be competing in for the first time in 2009. Needless to say we took a lot of photos that day and were very impressed by the quality of physiques we saw and the high numbers the sport attracted last year in the novice category! Is it gaining popularity or what? Awesome. 

Well I believe that Deb is now only 14 weeks out from competing in the ANB and WNBF comps coming up in May- so I wanted to let her know that I was thinking of her and wishing her all the best in her prep! 

photo courtesy of Dallas Olsen 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fun Q&A

1. Weight training body part?
I love getting a pump in my SHOULDERS and ARMS :)

2. Cardio exercise?
favourite? ah probably lifestyle like swimming but atm I just walk walk WALK

3. Intervals or steady state?
Bit of both keeps away the boredom...

4. Carbs – friend or foe?

Oats are just about my favourite thing in the world and I get to eat them every day, yay. When it comes to splurges, its obviously the sweeter more refined ones that I go for!

5. Cheat meal?

I don't kid myself into believing these are 'necessary'but I really enjoy one cheat meal per week to throw all thoughts of protein/carbs/fats/macros/ portions etc etc out the window 

6. Treat?

Rare healthy meals that you didn't have to cook yourself!

7. Protein Powder?

Favourite is BSN Lean Dessert- but its full of sugar! :( Don't mind Balance, Caramel.

8. Gym outfit?

Im still wearing Lorna Jane everything but I do agree with comments that the whole slogans on the tshirts are getting overdone and corny. I just like plain cotton singlets and their tights that fit well and last a long time.

9. Runners/Shoes?

Ive always worn Nikes but my next pair might be Asics

10. Clean or Dirty Diana? (clean healthy food or healthy with naughty extras)

Thats an odd question. Mostly column A but now that I think about it, I am a fan of condiments... ketchup is my weakness :)

11. Inspiration?

I get inspired by people who are obviously very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. God knows, we are the exception these days, not the rule and living in a 'toxic fast food environment' (Supersize me) we have to stay strong, dodge 'crap pushers' and be the odd ones out sometimes in order to stay true to ourselves and what we believe is really important.

12. Fat Loss Philosophy?
clean food including heaps of vegies, water and timing your carbs.

13. Favourite Fitness Related Store or Brand:
Love Oxygen magazine, there are about a million diet magazines popping up but I wish there was more about training for women.

14. Last fitness related item you picked up?
I just put my weight lifting straps through the washing machine! :-)

15. Your fitness philosophy?

Sorry Im not that deep. haha, however I did read a good quote from Woody Allen the other day- he said something like 70% of success in life is just about SHOWING UP. I agree, you will succeed if when you don't feel like working out, you go to the gym and do it anyway. Same goes for prepping your meals etc, you'll never be sorry that you did!

This was fun! Give it a go 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Feel free to eat skippy

I just found a great little article that outlines some of the benefits of eating kangaroo meat and dispels some common myths about it too.

Ali and I frequently eat the 'kanga bangas' (pictured) mince or steaks as a low cost, high protein source. They are almost my sole source of red meat (recent blood test said my iron levels were a-ok). People are so surprised when you tell them you can buy it from Woolies!

Common Question: I have heard kangaroo is low in fat and good to eat when on a diet. However, I'm worried that if I give it to the family we could all end up with parasites! Is this true?

Answer: It's funny that this rumour has become so widespread. The answer is there is no risk to you or your family if you buy kangaroo meat from the butcher or supermarket — just don't scrape it off the road! Kangaroo is one of the healthiest and most hygienic meats you can eat. I should rephrase that by saying, like all other meat on sale for human consumption, kangaroo is extremely safe to eat. It is also one of the healthiest and most economical meats to include in your diet. The reason I initially suggested that kangaroo was healthier than other meats is because there are such stringent health measures enforced by the industry before the meat is approved for resale. Approximately 0.7% of kangaroo is rejected for human consumption use, which is a third less than the amount rejected from domestic animal farming practice. The other bonus is, kangaroo meat is free of chemicals. When a kangaroo gets sick in its natural environment, it dies. Domestic animals, on the other hand, are treated by the vet using antibiotics, hormones and other medications that can be transferred to our food.

Stupid follow up comment: "Oh I just don't think I could bring myself to eat skippy".

Good Answer: It's ironic that some people think it's cruel to kill kangaroo but will happily chow down on steak and cutlets from cows and sheep reared for the sole purpose of being fattened up for slaughter. The kangaroo does not suffer the stress of live trucking and abattoirs; instead they live freely in the wild until they are killed instantly by professional shooters.

Read the rest of the article here

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Im a big loser!

Well... almost! Whenever I feel the need to beat my head against a wall for not sticking to my meal plan, I need to remind myself that over the last 10-11 months I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY LOST AND KEPT OFF 10KG (thereabouts) That to me, is an achievement. I may still be a couple of kg's off goal but I am no longer on the yo yo ride. Thank GOD!

Back to the title of my post I just wanted to rant a bit about how excited I am that the Biggest Loser is back on tellie. I noticed a couple of blogs lately have commented on how annoying they find the show- I must admit, certain aspects annoy me too but overall, I am grateful for a show dedicated to helping people regain control over their weight and insight into the impacts being obese has on people AND their families, physically AND emotionally.

As I have said before, I am fascinated about the psychology ans sociology of weight management- why do some people struggle and others don't even need to think about it? What factors are purely physical and which are psychological? How is it related to families other than via genetic dispositions?

So the thing that DOES annoy me a little about the show is the DRAMA- I know, I know, they have to keep the ratings up but can we focus a little more on giving people useful information in regards to how to lose weight (healthfully?) rather than who doesn't like who in the house...!

Also? The pummeling of advertisements during the commercial breaks featuring past competitors that are now advertising the "EASY" way to lose weight, bloody meal replacement shakes! GRRRRR!!!!! Here's your bag of money, just hand over your dignity!

Back to the good stuff- If you can watch most episodes in a season, its amazing how much you get to know individual competitors and can want a certain one to win the ultimate title! I don't mind if a person seems in it totally for themselves and doesn't have as much 'team spirit' because let's face it, it is YOUR hard work and perseverence that loses your weight. I don't care if a person does have a dedicated personal trainer in their face hours every day and/or someone preparing all their food for them (think- Oprah? etc) it is their butt sweating it out and their will not to sneak additional treats etc. The interesting thing of course is who manages to keep off these amazing amts of weight loss post leaving the White House because although they may have learned new habits and attitudes toward food, this has been done in a very short space of time AND in an environment away from their own homes and workplaces. It takes PRACTICE saying no to food both at work and at home or at social occassions with friends. And it doesn't matter how many times you do turn it down, the same people will keep on pushing (a slightly off topic rant there!)

Overall, I just hope that the show can inspire people to see that no matter how unfit they are, they can exercise too and change their eating habits to lose weight. It might take longer but that's probably a good thing!!

For incredible info, advice and support- get involved!