Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Im a big loser!

Well... almost! Whenever I feel the need to beat my head against a wall for not sticking to my meal plan, I need to remind myself that over the last 10-11 months I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY LOST AND KEPT OFF 10KG (thereabouts) That to me, is an achievement. I may still be a couple of kg's off goal but I am no longer on the yo yo ride. Thank GOD!

Back to the title of my post I just wanted to rant a bit about how excited I am that the Biggest Loser is back on tellie. I noticed a couple of blogs lately have commented on how annoying they find the show- I must admit, certain aspects annoy me too but overall, I am grateful for a show dedicated to helping people regain control over their weight and insight into the impacts being obese has on people AND their families, physically AND emotionally.

As I have said before, I am fascinated about the psychology ans sociology of weight management- why do some people struggle and others don't even need to think about it? What factors are purely physical and which are psychological? How is it related to families other than via genetic dispositions?

So the thing that DOES annoy me a little about the show is the DRAMA- I know, I know, they have to keep the ratings up but can we focus a little more on giving people useful information in regards to how to lose weight (healthfully?) rather than who doesn't like who in the house...!

Also? The pummeling of advertisements during the commercial breaks featuring past competitors that are now advertising the "EASY" way to lose weight, bloody meal replacement shakes! GRRRRR!!!!! Here's your bag of money, just hand over your dignity!

Back to the good stuff- If you can watch most episodes in a season, its amazing how much you get to know individual competitors and can want a certain one to win the ultimate title! I don't mind if a person seems in it totally for themselves and doesn't have as much 'team spirit' because let's face it, it is YOUR hard work and perseverence that loses your weight. I don't care if a person does have a dedicated personal trainer in their face hours every day and/or someone preparing all their food for them (think- Oprah? etc) it is their butt sweating it out and their will not to sneak additional treats etc. The interesting thing of course is who manages to keep off these amazing amts of weight loss post leaving the White House because although they may have learned new habits and attitudes toward food, this has been done in a very short space of time AND in an environment away from their own homes and workplaces. It takes PRACTICE saying no to food both at work and at home or at social occassions with friends. And it doesn't matter how many times you do turn it down, the same people will keep on pushing (a slightly off topic rant there!)

Overall, I just hope that the show can inspire people to see that no matter how unfit they are, they can exercise too and change their eating habits to lose weight. It might take longer but that's probably a good thing!!


Splice said...

I tell you what, the show has motivated so many of my clients this week lol, I don't watch it but if it motivates them, then i'm cool with it ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's not whether someone's motivation comes from a positive or negative place, it's the fact that they're motivated that matters Steph.

If people watching this show are motivated to do something about their own personal health and fitness then we should definitely be in support of that. We're not here to judge people, we're here to help. :o)

Stephanie Davis said...

Thanks for your comment Lia, but I think you have misunderstood my post. I was "judging" the show, not people.

My point about motivation was that I think it is a motivating show, I just wish it would focus less on the drama and more on giving people good information they can use.

Without this, the trap is that a lot of ppl watching the show (not everyone!) make excuses that they couldn't possibly achieve the same results without actually being at the White House with the trainers whereas they need to know that they have everything they need at home and within themselves to change their own lifestyles.

Michelle said...

I have to say I was disappointed with the previous contestants flogging meal replacements etc.

For incredible info, advice and support- get involved!