Friday, January 30, 2009

I wish I was tough

I think we've all been very inspired by IFBB pro Pauline Nordin at one point or another. The woman is the epitamy of dedication to this lifestyle and does not budge in her committment to herself and her goals.

Her post on Tuesday 27 January was just the pep talk I needed:

So you want to get lean and stay lean. It’s simple: just stop eating crap! Stop talking yourself into cheat meals benefit you or that those cookies are ok. There is no such thing as comfort eating in my book. Don’t be naive, you think you’ll be happier with that junk in your trunk? Heck no! Deal with it and stop complaining! Listen, we all know we were conditioned by society and our parents to stick something sweet into our mouth whenever we felt down, but that was then, now is different. be a grown up, be responsible for your actions!
Yeah, food is wonderful and yummy. That’s why fat people get fat! You are no different! It’s not unfair that you cannot eat and get away with it. Yes, there are people who do, but you are not one of them apparently.
Nobody is born with a lean and muscular physique. It takes dedication. You either have it or you get it. Cannot buy it just like you cannot buy love!
I get it, you are feeling like you’re starving, but check yourself in the mirror and take a good look. I am sure you’ve got some pounds indicating you are just fine! Low blood sugar, feeling jittery, no energy? Welcome to the club, it’s the price you pay! If you don’t like it, stop asking for it!
No more complain about boring food and how tough it is to diet. You chose it, nobody else. If you cannot stand it, realize you are not a superwoman or a superman. But when you want to be one, sign that contract with yourself and don’t break it. Contracts are there to keep a deal even if you sign it with the devil.
It’s not easier for anyone else than it is for you. Everyone got to do the same shit! Just accept or change your goals! nobody wants to hear your complain about how cardio sucks and that you don’t feel as muscular anymore. Nobody cares if you are having a bad workout if you nag about it. Stop complaining and just DO.
I’ve had it with complaints and moodiness. Just go work your ass off and you will be fine!

I do wish I was this tough... but Im not. Im human and my motivation is high some days and other days I have to drag myself through the motions of cooking and eating my meals and training. I have fallen into the trap of beating myself up for being 'weak' but this only hurts the situation more. So I think I have found a happy medium- days that I require that extra kick to get going, I read something like this or even better my own personal goals and dreams. Because doing what you need to do on a daily basis even when you don't feel like it is the only way you're going to get there. Consistency, consistency, consistency!!

Click on the link above (her name) to see her blog and get some daily inspiration!


Splice said...

Hey Steph, great article.

Just because you find it difficult some days to prepare foods or eat clean doesn't mean your weak. Nobody finds it easy 24/7. You are stronger then you give yourself credit for.


Frankie said...

Thanks Steph..loved it.

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