Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I finally BULKED UP!

I finally gave a good idea a run this week by preparing my breakfast in bulk on the weekend to divide into portions for Mon-Friday. Thanks to the wise Charlotte for this idea in regards to not having to cook eggs every morning!
I usually eat scrambled eggs with vegies plus a bowl of oats so I decided to try something a little different for the premade versions. I made:
Baked Eggs (6 portions)
6 whole eggs
600g green vegies lightly stir fried including broccoli, celery, and zucchini
1 brown onion diced and stir fried
1 tomato
extra zucchini grated
2 tsp garlic
I used a small square pan that the 600g of vegies filled almost to the top, layed tomato slices onto the vege, poured the egg mixture evenly over and spread the grated zucchini on the very top.
I baked this at 200 degrees for at least 40mins before it set, might have been a bit longer. The garlic smelt great coming out of the oven, would have been even better with a bit of grated parmesan! But as you can see its fairly clean and boring for me :)
This tastes really good heated up with fresh cracked pepper on top, so will definately do this again.
Oat cakes
These look interesting but unfortunately did not turn out so well so I will tweak the recipe next time. I used my protein pancake recipe but perhaps should have added more water to the mixture to make it less dense. As you can see, I used one blueberry and one raspberry (halved) on top of each little cake which when heated makes it a little more interesting. The best thing about these is the cinnamon flavour when heated and served with some sugar free maple syrup and a cup of hot tea.
Stay tuned for this recipe when I perfect it down the track!
Who out there is also a breakfast nut? What lengths do you go to to enjoy your favourite meal when there is not enough time in the morning!?


Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Steph.
I have baked my breakfast for almost a year now! Always with 24 egg whites, at least 500gms of green veges, some sort of carb (very low gi) and the tinest amount of fats (cheese - any sort). I find that it makes life so so so much easier. Every week it will be a different egg & vege bake, usually what is left in fridge by sunday, when I top up with fresh veges. Especially when you (me) go to gym very very early in morning and then straight to work.

Frankie said...

Great idea. I've gone low carb so those breakfasts are perfect for me. Great for when I'm rushing off to work.

Yeah, I couldn't get by without cooking in bulk as the kids don't eat the same as me (fussy buggers) so I end up cooking chicken and freezing in little packs of around 120g. Thaws nicely in ziplock bags if I take it out night before. Perfect for salads etc and I dont' have to handle raw chicken all the time. Only thing is can't put garlic or onion as it goes bitter.

I'm going to make this tomorrow. I always buy those cartons of egg whites but then end up going off. How long does the egg bake last in the fridge?

Stephanie Davis said...

We're a bunch of organised fit ones aren't we? love it.

I am wondering the same thing Frankie, hopefully I make it to the end of the working week without food poisoning... lol.
If not, then next time I would use up a couple at a time by having one piece at brekkie and another at lunch cut up in my salad (yum with extra protein chicken or fish and avocado!)

Frankie said...

hmmm...ok then. well I boil eggs a week in advance so I reckon that could be ok. Probably lasts longer than cooked meat does. Can't wait to try this. I need to start writing dates on stuff though so I know how long it's been in the fridge!



ss2306 said...

Oats and powder every morning for me without fail! 2 minutes in the microwave and down the gutlet - ahhh that's better.

Raechelle said...

Smart thinking! The baked egg thing looks yum-hmm, might just have to try that one out!

Charlotte Orr said...

Glad you found it helpful :-)

Stephanie Davis said...

Shelley- I had your bf this morn and im not used to doing oats in the microwave and got spillage all over, d'oh! they really do taste better cooked on stove if you have time but thats more washing up too :-S

Raechelle- yeah try it i was surprised how well it worked and holds together really well, nice and dense cos of so much vege.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Steph, I work from home so save time by not travelling to work, and can be flexible with my hours. Re saving time with oats - at night before going to bed, put your oats and water in the pot as usual. Bring to a boil, remove from heat and cover for the night. In the morning, bring to a boil again and they should take much less time to cook. Hope that helps!

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Steph, my trick with oats is similar to charlotte, but after I cook at night, often just boil water, throw in oats, pour into container and put in fridge. So in morning after gym time and driving to work, I zapp in microwave and whulla!

Also to the egg bake thingy, I divide my portions out for 6 days, wrap and freeze. Pull out night before and zapp again in microwave. What did we do without microwave?????

Frankie said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog Steph about my food intake. I've replied on my post (in case someone else reads and thinks same thing, I've explained it all).

I do appreciate your concern though :) Nice to know people read stuff.

I love blogging!

Magda said...

Hey Steph,

I make an oat/protien pancake which per serve needs: 1/4c oats, 1T bran or psyllium husks (if required - you get my drift), 2 egg whites, approx 40g low fat cottage cheese, maybe a little water if is not mixing together well, cinnamon (lots of it). Mix the egg and cheese together and pour into the dry stuff and add a little water if its too dry and gluggy. Cook in a non-stick pan. You can make a huge one to serve 4 and cut it up accordingly. I eat it with sliced banana, SF maple syrup and a light sprinkle of LSA. I LOVE IT!!

:-) Magda

Hilds staying Fit and Healthy! said...

Hi Steph,

Thanks for dropping by my blog, it's good to know I'm not alone regarding the hormone issue. I had all mine tested and all seemed normal although I know something isn't right! Will keep investigating to see what I come up with. Will drop back by the Forum again too!

Cheers, Hilds

Lisa Jane said...

Awesome idea and awesome recipe Steph. I am gonna do this on Sunday and start it first thing Monday morning.

Feel free to share more recipes with poor old LJ


Anonymous said...

Hey Steph,

Just letting you know that you need to delete me from your blog list and add me again now that I have a new isp address since moving my blog. It's www.liahalsall.com.

Lia xxx
Eat Clean, Drink Water, Train Hard & Love Life! :o)

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