Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PMS Fact or Fiction?


Hormones: I swear, who needs em? :-S

I used to pish posh about girls who would blame PMS/hormones for their moods or behaviour but these days I have a small inkling of how out of control one can really feel! That being said, I still don't think this gives women the right to give the men/people in their lives hell for a week out of every month! And I strongly dislike it when men make assumptions about women, eg 'oh she's in a mood, must be that time of the month' etc...

So my own opinion is that PMS of course does exist, but do women have to just put up with it- grin and bear it? Depends what of the many symptoms one experiences I guess and the severity of these. I have also read bits and pieces in relation to nutritional deficiencies causing PMS (eg the supplement vitamin B6 can assist with symptoms)..

Im sorry I can't remember who's blog I pinched this from but they wrote an awesome quote about TTOM (first time I have ever used that acronym):

"I can have the most positive outlook on life, have all these goals lined up in my head complete with visions on how to get those things accomplished and then BAM, PMS hits and it's all out the window and I'm left thinking wtf was I thinking, being all happy and positive?! Now where the hell did I hide that bag of M&M's, I mean, I'm fat anyway so what does it matter!?"

So yes, just trying to laugh my way through this..


KatieP said...

Last few days I was SO hungry and shitty. TTOM arrived this morning and now all is calm and my appetite is back under control. It is like a switch has been turned off.

I just try to remember - this too shall pass ...

Raechelle said...

I can't imagine just dreaming up those cramps they are so bad and the irritabilty comes out of know where-I can actually feel it in my back and neck-pure tense irritation.

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