Monday, January 26, 2009

How did you celebrate?

Happy Australia Day!

I hope you have all had a great long weekend!

We trained at a new gym yesterday which is always fun- "Thor's Gym" at West End in Brisbane. It looks quite nice on the website but is a little old in real life. We were there in the middle of the day and damn I had some good sweat going! It was fun not knowing where all the machines were automatically and taking the time to wander a bit having a look. They had a donkey calf machine which our gym doesn't so I got to try that out for the first time- great stretch for the calves! I normally do heavy standing calf raises so great to change it up.

Speaking of sweat, I don't think Ive ever sweated as much just walking on the treadmill as much as this morning. We stayed up late last night watching the tennis and saw Jelena Dokic's great win to get through to the quarter finals!! What a great match and what a fighter- didn't you grimace when they kept showing her roll her ankle in slow motion?!! The whole match was such a close battle. Anyway, cos we stayed up so late, I slept in this morning so had to do my morning cardio when it had already heated up to probably 30 degrees- I was sweating almost as much as when I did Liz's High Performance RPM without air conditioning! 

As for today, we ventured into Southbank today for lunch and a coffee; we had planned to see a film at the Imax cinemas but the one we wanted to see was sold out, dammit! We still had a very nice lunch at the Ginga sushi train and skinny cappuccinos at a cafe nearby. We went for a stroll through Southbank and I was amazed by the number of people who happened to have tshirts/hats etc embellished with our flag on them- how handy! Haha. Seriously though, the level of patriotism and pride to live in our lucky country was admirable. Before today we had just seen a whole lot of flags stuck onto the side of cars because they were free in the Sunday mail I think... 

So how did you celebrate our National Day today? Did you make the most of the holiday?
Our other highlight of the day was taking the risk to see if Woolies was open because we had run out of green vegies (already!!).. It was and we stocked up :) So not too much adventure or stories for us today but we do plan on having kangaroo for dinner.. ah, bless Australia!


Raechelle said...

Wow-a gym open on the holiday-I'm soooooo jealous!
Glad you had anice Aussie day!

Stephanie Davis said...

Thanks Raechelle! Actually that was Sunday we trained, took the holiday off :) our regular gym (CBJ) was open on the Monday though! they are great with holidays.

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