Monday, January 12, 2009

This is WHY

As you may remember, I work at the Children's Commission and everyday staff get emails of media articles in relation to topics concerning childrens' issues including health and wellbeing.

Those of you who read the Sunday Mail on the weekend were probably shocked to read about the 10 year old girl who, at 80kg suffered a mild heartache with the associated symptoms of pain in the chest and shooting pain down her arm. She has been referred to the only University and Hospital based program (UQ and Royal Children's) available in the State at the moment. 60% of participants in the program no longer attend school due to the bullying associated with their weight.

When will people accept that the rising rates of overweight and obese Australians (currently 60% and 30% respectively) is a MAJOR cause for concern!? The article says that 21% of Qld's 5-17 year olds were overweight or obese according to a survey conducted in 2006.

THIS is why I am studying nutrition and dietetics. I want to help families rediscover the fun of cooking healthy meals together and show them that weight maintenance doesn't have to be a mystery!


Frankie said...

I know it's shocking isn't it? And there are so many degrees that focus on health, dietetics, exercise science, preventative health. Let's hope we get enough practioners and educators out there(like us!) to stop the epidemic.

Michelle said...

Thanks Steph,
THIS is the reason I want to do MasterChef. Now to panic about what to cook!

Raechelle said...

Shocking and sad that the parents of these kids are the reason! Don't get me started!

I'm with Frankie...hopefully all the people screaming (professionals and bloggers!) some of these people will heed the warnings and change their behaviour.

Stephanie Davis said...

Thanks for your comments guys. It is most unfortunate when the one's affected are too young to be blamed and I don't know if education is enough! people's attitudes have to change... !

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