Friday, January 23, 2009

Less Food More Figure

My last few posts have been dedicated to my love of food so I thought it was time for a figure update!

Plan of course is still to enter in the ANB QLD State Titles on Sat 26 September this but Im also contemplating enter the INBA competition on the 20 September ... ! Why not, why not. I think I will need some sort of practice run with all the possible disasters involved with walking in 5.5 inch platforms and performing a routine with a flat memory!
So the 20 week competition prep will begin for me in early May. I must say, I can't wait! People keep asking me about it and it makes me feel like I've been dieting for so long now! But I can't wait for the official start and for the countdown to begin.

So far I have my shoes and have been slipping them on to practice every now and then, getting slightly less wobbly and more confident which is a start! Ive also paid the deposit on my suit and have recently decided which colour to wear- big BIG decision for me because I don't really have a favourite..! I have an idea of the design I would like as well but of course the decisions there are left up to the brillant Jo Rogers .
One thing I am concerned about is (for want of a better phrase) being able to 'stand out' on stage if there is a large class, the picture I have posted above always reminds me of this. I am a little shy by nature and am really going to have to fake some confidence up on that stage.. Im sure I will be able to psyche myself up; Im going to have to had worked pretty hard to get there!

Ali and I are also going to be taking posing lessons with Jo, commencing asap so we have time to practice with the right form! There's a lot of flexing and contortion going on in front of mirrors at home already but with with no idea whether we are doing it right or not. It would be a terribly wasted opportunity to come into the compeition in great condition but not know how to present oneself properly- it is HOW we compete after all! I laugh when people ask what you actually do to compete because the explanation sounds so silly! "Well, uh we all line up on stage and go like this" *flare lats etc* HAHAHA. No, not really- I am promoting the sport a little better than that! ;)

The quest is still on for me to reach my ideal 'off season' weight of 54-55kg and low 60's ml of body fat.. ! But i am hovering close to it and overall, very pleased with my progress to date. I am confident that I will be well prepared to have a nice slow prep and extremely happy that I won't have a massive amt of weight to lose during this time.


Splice said...

You and Ali are in the best of hands with Jo Rogers.
I'm so glad you are doing the INBA as well, it will be great experience for you.
I can't wait until you hit 20 weeks out, that's when the fun begins!
Deb xxx

Michelle said...

Steph I reckon you'll be like me. I wanted to be up on stage for ages too. The second I walked out on stage the biggest grin of my life hit my face, you couldn't wipe it off if you tried it was the biggest rush. You're gonna shine like the brightest star up there. You two have got the best team going. Trust in it and you can't fail!

Stephanie Davis said...

Thanks girls!
Bring on May :) Get to see friends compete (go Deb go!) and let this diet kick off!!

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