Friday, January 16, 2009

My all time favourite

As you now know, my favourite food is salmon; my favourite place to eat out is any good Japanese restaurant!

I am a big fan of Japanese food and culture. I studied the language for a few years and spent a month there which is definately one of the biggest highlights of my life so far!

There is a great Japanese restaurant in Brisbane city (and at Hamilton) called Sono- have you been there? Its very traditional in its presentation and cuisine. The waitresses are dressed in tradtional kimono and there are tatami floors and shoji sliding doors. This is where Ali and I chose to spend NYE; we shared two entree's and some sushi, shared a bottle of sake and each had salmon for the main- devine! Each dish comes out on a separate and unique plate/platter that are just beautiful. The portions are small so you really savour the intense flavours.

I've also been there for lunch a couple of times now- I really love the japanese equivalent of a lunchbox, the obento where you get to sample small portions of a few individual items:

Being the wonderfully crazy race they are (absolutely no disrespect intended there) you can find some pretty interesting obento that are more like works of art than just lunch! Apparently 'CUTE' is in at the moment, you can find many creations featuring Hello Kitty! But being a Simpsons fan, this one made me smile!

Well back to today's lunch- I decided to take a risk and try something different and ordered the Fish Shioyaki Obento Set which consisted of:

A good sized piece of salted, grilled fish

about a cup of white steamed rice

pickled gingers


Japanese potato salad (about a tablespoon)

And, on the side: miso soup

Oh, there was also a deep fried oyster but I didn't eat that one! ;)

All in all, I highly recommend both the food and the dining experience. If you or someone you know has had their head in the sand and refuses to even TRY Japanese food because they think its all raw fish- give yourself or them a slap from me because its AWESOME!


MTB Girl said...

Hey Steph

I LOVE Japanese! I lived there for a year as well as going back to visit a few times.

Part of our big trip from next month is going to Tokyo :) I can't wait!

I've never been to Sono - it's definitely on the list for next time I'm in Brisbane. Thanks for the recommendation.


ss2306 said...


I've been there myself and loved it.

What an experience - living in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph, I love salmon as well, having it tonight! I have only recently had Japanese for the first time, I love it. Unfortunately where I am we don't have a japanese rest. But it is one of the new things I'm trying when I go to the big smoke.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hey Steph, when I was at high school I studied Japanese and spent a couple of weeks in Japan. Those meals look great! LOL at the Simpsons. Rob and I are going out for dinner on Monday night so maybe it'll be Japanese. Cheers, C

Stephanie Davis said...

Ali and I are probably going to go back to Sono or another good quality Japanese restaurant on Valentines Day- any excuse really! :)

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