Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fun Q&A

1. Weight training body part?
I love getting a pump in my SHOULDERS and ARMS :)

2. Cardio exercise?
favourite? ah probably lifestyle like swimming but atm I just walk walk WALK

3. Intervals or steady state?
Bit of both keeps away the boredom...

4. Carbs – friend or foe?

Oats are just about my favourite thing in the world and I get to eat them every day, yay. When it comes to splurges, its obviously the sweeter more refined ones that I go for!

5. Cheat meal?

I don't kid myself into believing these are 'necessary'but I really enjoy one cheat meal per week to throw all thoughts of protein/carbs/fats/macros/ portions etc etc out the window 

6. Treat?

Rare healthy meals that you didn't have to cook yourself!

7. Protein Powder?

Favourite is BSN Lean Dessert- but its full of sugar! :( Don't mind Balance, Caramel.

8. Gym outfit?

Im still wearing Lorna Jane everything but I do agree with comments that the whole slogans on the tshirts are getting overdone and corny. I just like plain cotton singlets and their tights that fit well and last a long time.

9. Runners/Shoes?

Ive always worn Nikes but my next pair might be Asics

10. Clean or Dirty Diana? (clean healthy food or healthy with naughty extras)

Thats an odd question. Mostly column A but now that I think about it, I am a fan of condiments... ketchup is my weakness :)

11. Inspiration?

I get inspired by people who are obviously very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. God knows, we are the exception these days, not the rule and living in a 'toxic fast food environment' (Supersize me) we have to stay strong, dodge 'crap pushers' and be the odd ones out sometimes in order to stay true to ourselves and what we believe is really important.

12. Fat Loss Philosophy?
clean food including heaps of vegies, water and timing your carbs.

13. Favourite Fitness Related Store or Brand:
Love Oxygen magazine, there are about a million diet magazines popping up but I wish there was more about training for women.

14. Last fitness related item you picked up?
I just put my weight lifting straps through the washing machine! :-)

15. Your fitness philosophy?

Sorry Im not that deep. haha, however I did read a good quote from Woody Allen the other day- he said something like 70% of success in life is just about SHOWING UP. I agree, you will succeed if when you don't feel like working out, you go to the gym and do it anyway. Same goes for prepping your meals etc, you'll never be sorry that you did!

This was fun! Give it a go 


LizN said...

Hey Steph,
Had a good cackle at your comment on my blog. Enjoy your Indian, chocolate and pecan pie...all together!

Stephanie Davis said...

hehe, thanks Liz I just might and I will think of you ;)

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