Friday, February 27, 2009

I need to be a good girl

...and do a lot more of this!
Must must must MAKE time to properly warm up my muscles before a workout and either stretch between sets or afterward- my hamstrings in particular have been so tight lately im worried they'll snap!
Wow, I remember being a youngin (not TOOO long ago) and how flexible we all were at that age. Remember when all there was to do at lunchtimes was handstands, cartwheels, 'the splitz', bridge and various other body contortionism? Ah, those were the carefree days :)
Training is going great, getting used to a five day split and after following a program quite religiously for about 6 weeks, instead of changing it I decided to ditch the idea altogether (at least for now) and go back to the way I used to train, intuitively. All of a sudden, I am getting kick a$$ DOMS again, woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Oh the tightness in the hammies is something i experience every bloody day Steph!! Like you - i really need to learn to take time to stretch - hmmm might make that a goal of mine this week!!! Tah for the reminder!!!

Michelle said...

Hey Steph,
I use Nick Jone's warmup with a few extra bits I throw in to address postural issues. You can watch it at It's so much better than stretching and/or hitting the tready. I'm even used to the weird looks now.

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