Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Legs legs legs

I have refound my passion for leg training the last two weeks, its been GREAT. Goal has been to make sure that when I finish and go to climb the stairs to get my bag out of the lockers- that it HURTS to do so.

Last night I decided to start with two heavy, low volume quad dominant exercises and finish with two lighter hamstring dominant exercises with higher reps. So I did:

1. V Squat- 2 warm up, 1 prep, 2 heavy sets

2. Hammerstrength Single Leg Press- 2 warmup, 1 prep, 2 heavy sets

3. Single Leg Hamstring Curls- 3 sets 12 reps per leg, no stopping

4. Lunge Trisets- see below

The trisets were a beautiful finisher. I was in a hurry by this time and my legs were already pretty dead so I grabbed the olympic bar in the squat rack and did 10 slow deep lunges each side, racked it and did 12 quicker reverse lunges aside and lastly 8 deep slow sumo squats- squeezing the hell out of the glutes. Rested for about 30 seconds and repeated another two circuits.

Its funny when I think back and analyse what I did and why cos when Im "planning" my workouts these days, its very much a few minutes thought process before we hit the gym and other than that a see how I go- re available equipment and how the bod is feeling. I see people walking around tightly clutching their personalised programs, waiting impatiently for equipment- I can't do that when I have to be in and out in little more than 1 hour! Just a matter of time though I think before people gain their confidence in the gym and know that they can plan their workouts themselves AND most importantly TRUST themselves enough to push hard enough!

Walking on the treaddie the last few mornings has been a very boring chore and I have reluctantly woken up with a groooan but... I do it anyway. :)

Train hard xx


Raechelle said...

Looks good-might have to give that tri-set a go!

Michelle said...

This looks like fun... in a painful kinda way.
I do the same as far as my workout goes. I do clutch a bit of paper but if something isn't free or I feel another exercise is what I need I throw it in.
While we're on legs, do you get really hungry the day after leg day? I did legs last night and I'm STARVING all day.

Anonymous said...

Treamills can be a little tedious that's for sure Steph. I changed and headed outdoors as I'd had enough of them too but now it's getting darker and colder I'm heading back to them. I'll be stocking up on things to read and to listen to I think to pass the time. LOL!!

Lia xx

Stephanie Davis said...

did you end up giving it a go Raechelle? Its a technique ive been using lately with supersets, if i have any energy left I chuck in another set of a different exercise for the same muscle- ouch hey!
Haha, yes I do find Im hungrier the day after legs Michelle! just goes to show what a big muscle group they are. Feels great to know you've worked them hard.
I should post this question on your blog Lia but what do you like to listen to when doing cardio? im a new ipod owner and am collecting tunes but i wondered if audio books was a good way to pass time...


Anonymous said...

I think audio books would be a great idea Steph. When I use my iphone I listen to free podcasts I've downloaded through itunes, there's so many to chose from. :o)

Lia xxx

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