Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let the comp prep begin!

Its finally almost here... 

Ali and I went down the coast to see our coach Jon today, it was verrry overdue visit for me given that I am not as lean as I was in November- the last few months post Christmas have gone soooo fast! 

This weekend I am approx 25-27 weeks out depending on which second comp I choose to do. Still definately doing the ANB State Titles :) Jon decided that I would start prep a little early... in two weeks- yay! I feel like I have been trying to get as prepared as possible but still, waiting waiting waiting to get going! Especially when family and people at work keep asking when the comp is and when the 'serious' dieting begins, lol. They think how I eat already is pretty crazy!

A few things have happened over the past few months that has had me questioning my decision to compete but now that I have made my commitment Im ready to let go of all the self doubt, stress and worry and just do what needs to be done. The real beauty of having a coach is that as long as I do what Im told, I don't need to worry about whether I'll be ready or not- and that is apparently the largest stress, especially for first time competitors. Jon said that my body type should respond well to the comp diet, sounds gross but when doing my skinfolds he said that my skin 'pulls away easily' meaning that my fat stores are not tough and dense... mmmm! 

When we first arrived, Jon was still busy with one of his other clients who is just days away from her IFBB figure comp, she kindly showed off some of her posing for us in the bathroom! I have been to watch a few shows now but I have never seen a competitor (still in their costume) that close up before- she was only 31ml bodyfat and hoping to drop down to 29ml in time. It was certainly motivational for us, especially in the area of posing- she was so graceful. 

We trained on the way home and despite being tired I had a good back and hamstrings session. Since focussing in my training for figure, I am really happy with how my shoulders and glutes have been developing. I never knew I had to worry so much about my rear end, now I make sure it is pretty sore most of the time.. haha!

Sorry the update has taken so long, Im typing this from home as we took the day off today. Hopefully I'll be able to sneak in short more regular updates as the fun begins. I have still been reading all of your blogs as much as I can, so excited to see those competing in May up there doing their thing. I think seeing familiar faces up on stage for the first time will really spur me on as well. Go hard girls!

Steph xx


LizN said...

You'll do well Steph, you were looking great when I saw you last - coming to RPM 3 on Saturday 4th?

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