Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day in the (current) life

A (Working and Training) day in the life of Steph since about 4-6 weeks out

5:15-6:15 1 hour cardio on treadmill, usually pass the time with morning news programs and a magazine

6:15-7:15 madly get ready for work, prep and eat breakfast

7:15-8:30 commute to work, do makeup in the car!

8:30-4:30 work- I eat four meals during this time, space 1.5-3hrs apart. Drink about 4L of water, heaps of green tea and 1-2 black coffees.

4:30-5:30 leave work, commute to gym, take pre-workout supps and change

5:30-6:30 weights workout

6:30-6:50pm post weights cardio

6:50-7:20pm travel home.

7:20-9:20pm another mad rush to: shower, feed cats, cook dinner + 4 meals for next day and try to clean up. I usually have the meat pre cooked and frozen into portions however, like to cook the vegies fresh for each day- 300g x 4 = 1.2kg!

9:30pm try to be in bed by this time, otherwise risking insufficient sleep (already under ideal 8 hours) before arising to do it all again!

Repeat 4/5 weekdays + one training session on weekends. 

Extra cardio on 2 non training days.

No time to scratch oneself, really! LOL. You can see how as fun and exciting as the process is, you have days where you are simply over the routine, the lack of time, pressure to go go go and the closer you get the harder it gets energy-wise.  The successful competitors are those who can push through these times and not let anything (particularly themselves) compromise their conditioning in those final weeks. 

I can also see how you get so over it all that as dedicated as one is to the fitness lifestyle, all the 'balls' could be dropped at once for a while post comp. While I fully intend to take some well deserved time off training to recover, I know I will need to stay active and keep eating a lot of clean food so as not to shock the bod into a violent reaction! Because this is one of the key things I have learnt- gradual changes. I did not begin this diet eating so much fish and broccoli and so little else, I wouldn't have lasted 2 weeks! 


*ANA* said...


KRISTIN said...

Go Steph! You're a trooper and have worked hard and showed your dedication... there will be no ball dropping just yet ok? And I'm with you on the post-comp stuff too... let's make sure we stay on track as best as possible! Not long now babe, look forward to meeting you in about 10 days time! Finish strong :)

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Getting there Steph, only 4 sleeps to go!

Rebecca said...

Wow Steph!! You are doing so well to keep up with everything.

I just wanted to say a huge good luck for when you compete. You look amazing and have the most sensible approach to everything. You are going to be terrific on the day, you should be so proud.

xox Rebecca

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