Saturday, August 29, 2009

FOUR weeks out

~*Its the final countdown* ~

Ali and I are tanned up, I've got my nails on and after training today we're heading to Lindy's to stay for our photoshoot with Dallas in the morning. Its going to be great to have some shots with all the beauty stuff taken care of, rather than me in my lorna jane, dirty face and hair! I truly understand now that behind what we all admire in magazines is 99% unglamorous hard work!

Could time slow down a little for me please, I can't keep up! Its funny actually- half of me is wishing away the next three weeks of work while the other is wanting time to stand still so I can get myself together! I definitely felt the shift in terms of brainpower over the last two weeks, I am only doing slightly more cardio (making days longer) however this does not account for how rushed I feel cos I guess my poor little brain just can't keep up! 

This week was an exercise of time management skills- worked 5 days, Trained 5 days, cardio every day, had two spray tan appts post workout Wed and Fri nights, Thurs night we had off gym and I managed to prep 12 meals, do a second cardio session and dye my hair- proud!

I had a good training session last night- shoulders, biceps and calves and followed it up with some cardio while chatting with another competitor who is taking a plunge from competing in physique to IFBB Figure. Its great to be able to chat the cardio minutes away about all things Figure, have a bit of a vent etc! We immediately swapped annoyed looks toward the woman on my other side who was coughing profusely and sounded as though she should be home in bed! I'm a little more understanding of sick people on public transport who may not be able to get the day of work but please don't cough all over me at this late stage- the thought of getting sick is ... well I've made it this far! (staying positive). Im sure it has something to do with the garlic I eat at probably every meal, I would say this is the first year I can remember getting through winter without even a sore throat! A couple of times I felt a tickle, I beat it down with good old olive leaf extract.

I've switched from worrying about being swamped in novice class at the ANB to hoping there is a good turnout, given that everyone seems to be doing the INBA the week prior, what with the Natural Olympia and all. To all those a week ahead of me right now, I hope you are right on track, pumped and excited and I look forward to cheering you on soon!!! 


Splice said...

WOW look at you! You look so lean :-) Wish I could see more pictures ;-)

Enjoy your photo shoot, it will be so much fun.


Michelle said...

Lookin' good there!!

Tara said...

you are looking fabulous steph!! hope that you enjoy ur day today.

Hanni said...

You look gorgeous Steph! Hope you have an awesome time getting some cool snap shots cant wait to see some! xx

Esme said...

You look great, must be getting excited.

SeLiNa said...

DAMN girl you're looking GREAT!!! Have fun, or I hope you had fun (as I'm sure you've done it by now!!) on the photo shoot - it's great to feel like a model for a day. Tough work though ;)

Look forward to seeing pics!

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