Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A... (Muscular) Beauty Pagent

This is how I would describe Figure compared to someone who has never heard of competing in Figure (only women's bodybuilding)...

My picture today is of the winner of the figure intermediate class at the inba show in May earlier this year- Bianca. I have not met her yet, but was told by Lindy what a lovely lady she is- so focussed and full of positive energy. I remember seeing her onstage and other than the obvious being her fabulous physique being so impressed with her overall presentation and stage presence. She looked so beautiful and really stood out. A big factor for us girls to prepare for that has been in my mind ever since!

I got excited this morning when Ali reminded me that our photoshoot with Dallas Olsen is now just 10 DAYS AWAY!!! I will finally get my beautiful new swimsuit off layby; get this- I have been going to Sunburn periodically (ok, twice) to 'visit it' (lol!) i mean try it on to make sure it still fits! I chose the size based on the fact that when I tried it on, I was at a bodyfat level that i hope to maintain post comp into Summer to get lots of wear out of it but was worried that come 4wks pre-comp it might be a lil.. saggy. haha. so far, so good!

That reminds me of how when I first started thinking about competing early last year, I visited Jo Rogers site and wondered HOW she knew what size to make girls' suits? I sent her an email like 12 mths in advance about my suit, telling her my height and approx comp weight and asked that very question. Her reply:

If you come into your show in great condition then the size you are and
the size of the next girl really isn't that great a difference - there maybe
slight differences but ultimately the height is the main governing factor -
and thank goodness for lycra - it is a very forgiving fabric - lol

And now I understand! Im really glad I was able to see Jo for a personal fitting because she worked out individual needs for the cut of my suit based on my length of torso etc. I have these wide hips that start really high as well so you have to get creative to manage that- lol! But overall, WE are conditioning our bodies to fit the suits rather than the other way around- you MUST be in great shape to look good in a figure suit and you'd better have a lean ass to pull of the pro cut pants. How's that for motivation!

I can't wait to see my finished suit... I will most likely cry when I open it ;) Tara received hers recently- what a beauty, thanks for posting a pic for us!

So yes, not too much going on other than counting down really! Ali and I are having the week prior to comp off work which I cannot wait for! on track and its just a case of ticking all the boxes every day and keeping up with it all - SLEEP is a huge priority to achieve this. Thinking about it, im quite proud of our commitment to this process, it has been thanks to pure stubbornness at times! Sure, I wish everyday I had more muscle mass, thicker back, better abs, shorter limbs, narrow hips etc etc! But there will be NO REGRETS on the day :)

Ps. Girls with muscles are HOT!!! 


Raechelle said...

That gal does have a fabulous bod!

Youa re going to be amazed when you get that tan makes such a huge difference! You'll love it! :-)

Tara said...

Oh I am with you 2!! I can't wait to get a tan. It makes so much of a difference.

Not long to go at all now Steph...... so exciting ain't it!!

oh and I agree Bianca is Smokin!!!

SeLiNa said...

I remember seeing Bianca on stage too and thinking WOW. She really really stood out! Intermediate is now what I have to compete in - dang, I got some work to do!!!

Your photo shoot will be SO MUCH FUN! Dallas is just awesome and has so many ideas!

And good on you girl for taking the week of work prior to comp - I did too for mine... you work sooo damn hard to get that far, NOTHING is going to get in the way of your final week going to perfection. Not even work!

Not long now - so excited for you!

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