Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First HIIT session.. phew!

As the title indicates, I've had a little switch up in terms of my weekly cardio in an effort to keep things moving! Now doing a couple of high intensity sessions in amongst the long and slow stuff. Nutrition around this cardio is different as well of course, to ensure Im burning fat and preserving muscle. My coach Jon explains all of this really well in his article in the current Oxygen mag (Eat to Compete- Part 2) so if you're wondering about what sort of cardio is best for fat burning, the answer is it depends what you're eating- worth a read!!

I was really nervous about doing it! which sounds strange but I have a heightened sense of anxiety about most things at the moment, thats just comp prep! But now that the first session is done and I survived, I feel much better :) was good actually to get red faced and sweaty, get the blood pumping and as you all know- you feel amazing afterward, really energised!

Unfortunately I couldn't get to any classes and I've never been a runner so I had to get .. creative in kicking my own butt! I had a general plan, walk fast/jog/run intervals on our treadmill, mixed up with some of my old high intensity cardio DVDs- Billy Blanks Tae Bo this morn! Switching it up helped me ward off boredom and keep up the pace. I also had a skipping rope outside and ran out there a couple of times for some fresh air- big calorie burner apparently. So the hardest part really was constantly thinking about what I was doing, what I would do next and hoping I could keep it up for the duration! But I think next time I'll have a structured plan in place so it should go smoother.

Im a born planner! First time I met Coach he said- Plan the work, work the plan!


Raechelle said...

Yeah-that's a great article...looking forward to his next one too!

And yes, you really need to have a plan when doing HIIT type training, otherwise you're sort of dancing in the dark! (and you could trip on something..which would really suck!) :0)

Splice said...

Glad you got through your high intensity session, I will be sure to have that added to my week tomorrow when I see him LOL.
It should be fun, i'm really have been board with the walking and would love to pick things up a little :-)

Was great chatting with you on the phone.


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