Saturday, August 8, 2009

24hr training

2 posts in one day- thats a first for me!! 

Ali and I usually work at at CBJ at MacGregor which is such a good gym that we decided to stay with them when we moved about 30mins drive away.
However, in the last 8 weeks of comp prep we were looking for something a little more convenient SO just to add to the expenses that are competing, we now have a second gym membership at our local 24 hour gym (Temple).

Its small but has good quality equipment. Not as much variety of course but more than adequate for smaller body parts in particular. The machine in the pic behind me is a 'pro spot' which is pretty cool! you can do squats, bench, rows anything and go as heavy as you like and simply rotate the bar to kick in your 'spot' when you reach failure- nice!

So we've just gotten home; I trained chest and triceps and did some abs imbetween sets. I think these are lagging a bit unfortunately, shame when they all the hallmark of being fit and lean! I'm pretty pleased with the progress I've made with most other body parts though. Since being motivated by Ali to start weight training a couple of years ago I adopted his bb style and worked the majors- back, legs, chest and arms as heavy as I could.  In the last 12 months I learnt more and have worked to prioritise my shoulders, hammies and glutes. Leaning out for the first time ever has been a bit of a shock, ie bones and ribs emerging through a lack of muscle density and thickness but its a starting point. Ive built a foundation, love my training and intend to keep it up for years to come :)


Vicki said...

GO YOU with your double posting!! hehe
It's great that you guys have been able to find a local 24hr gym - despite the added expense (like competitors need to fork out more money for comp stuff!!) the convenience is worth it! Before I moved out of the inner city I was paying a gym membership despite working as a trainer at another gym (hence free use of gym) because it was open pretty much 20 hours a day, weekends included...which meant NO EXCUSES.
With the muscle thickness thing, that will come with time babe. First comp is always hardest because if you have never stripped off all the body fat before you won't know what's underneath - after the first one you know exactly what you need to work on and can give yourself time to do it. It will also come with muscle maturity :) I am now in my 3rd year of comp prep and it's only this year that I have been able to put on some quality size in the off season.
Gotta say though, can't wait to see the pics of you guys from the upcoming comp!!
Vic x

Hanni said...

Oh Steph the weeks are flying by too quick can't wait to do this! Here with you all the way babe xx

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