Sunday, August 23, 2009

5 wks out

Quick one- feeling good overall. Have had a really positive mindset all week but then 2 'episodes' involving high anxiety/panic... usually when tired AND hungry. Its funny, nothing really worrying me at the time- purely physical reaction! I just concentrate on slowing down my breathing, get some water in and am fine again within minutes.

Have definately entered the fuzzy brain zone and work is an increasing struggle but we have our last week of prep off work, so only 4 more weeks of that! Im very lucky to have the kind of job where I can eat my meals etc and work fairly flexible to be able to see coach weekly.

Had a great chest/shoulders training session yesterday. Used the 'pro spot' for my bench press and smashed out at reps at the max weight I have used to date- so on a good day my strength is still really good. Im even adapting to the longer cardio sessions, once you accept that you're going to be on the treadmill for a while you can just settle in with your choice of distracting material and the time often goes quite quickly! Magazines seem to work really well ;) 

Photo session is next weekend and we have our spray tanS booked in for Wed and Friday night- will be my first time in the paper g-string- LOL! Ali's mum is kindly doing my makeup which is great as we all know how expensive this game is! We can't wait to start spending our money on things other than supplements etc! Not buying any food out really shows you what a waste of $ that is though, esp when you can get a whole bag of tomatoes/zucchini for $2! We have just been buying quite a lot of long blacks to get us through- Gloria Jeans is our fave!

Off to see 'Inglourious Basterds' now and they'll be celery crunching in the cinemas, lol! used to worry about this but really, its not that much noisier than popcorn .. and who really cares anyway ;)

Have a great Sunday! 


LizN said...

looking nice and lean there Steph!

Hanni said...

That's such a cheeky a shot hehe Nice tricep babe : )

Jadey said...

Stephy! You are going to look HOT HOT HOT! Can't wait to watch you compete gorgeous, you are doing so well and I'm inspired by you gorgeous. Plus you crack me up! Loving your posts. Jadey xx

Jaime-lee said...

Hi Steph, Ive been reading your inspiring blogs and have some questions. Ive competed before and recently i have contacted JD for some nutritional help. Do you have an email address your contactable on? I have not started an "updated" blog yet...I will soon once I can find the time = ) my email address is


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