Thursday, August 20, 2009

Afraid to be fat (again)

Today’s post is inspired by the media!

Its splashed across the current issue of the Australian New Idea featuring a story about Magda Szubanski and no doubt you’ve heard about the Federal Government’s “crackdown” on weight loss industry in relation to ensuring they also help clients maintain their weight loss. 

In my experience as a consultant in the weight loss industry some companies have by now been clever enough to hit the ‘maintenance’ angle. However, just quietly this conveniently sells more programs, keeps people on the program longer and therefore sells more products. 

I am becoming more and more aware of the need to address physiological issues behind successful weight management, in order to truly get off the dieting bandwagon and as dumb as it sounds, not be afraid of food! For me to overcome this I have had to build my self –confidence by demonstrating to myself that not only could I lose weight (despite my prior insistence of poor genetics/metabolism/luck) but could keep it off.

Dr Phil says that past behaviour is a good predictor for future behaviour, with which I agree. However, its too easy to let past attempts and perceived failure (yo yo dieting) hold you back from trying. And when I say ‘trying’ I actually mean ‘doing’:

Do or do not- there is no try” – Yoda. 

Some people prefer to ‘try’ to eat well, exercise and lose weight for fear of failure/embarrassment if they fail. Some people will be on and off diets their whole lives. The thought of struggling with body image, emotional eating etc throughout adulthood and motherhood really bugged me, I wanted to conquer these beasts once and for all! 

Deciding to compete in my first figure comp at first seemed a little illogical as I was told that, “if girls don’t already have an eating disorder they will post comp”. And here I was approaching it the other way around. I also read a lot about the dreaded post comp rebound, which in my opinion seems like an extreme version of the yo yo dieting I had struggled with, and would probably be inevitable IF I were to view comp prep as ‘the ultimate DIET’!  All I knew at this point was that I was tired of working hard in the gym for an average physique and never really looking any different. So even though I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me, I accepted the challenge. 

What made the difference was deciding to commit to competing over 12 months in advance and upon numerous recommendations, hiring a brilliant coach.  I knew that with or without me, that show was happening on 26 September 2009 and in order to get to the stage I would have to commit 100%, no half assed effort would do. My coach is certainly not the kind to hold your hand and in the nicest possible way,  doesn’t have time to waste on anyone with questionable commitment. But I still had plenty of time to get used to the organisation, routines, discipline and make heaps of mistakes along the way. 

A lorna jane gym shirt I wear often and that many of you probably own, sums it up:

Never never never give up”- Winston Churchill. 

I would like to add: But this time, give it EVERYTHING! With persistent effort and patience, you will push through past ‘barriers’ and be amazed with what you can achieve. When you give yourself enough time to lose the weight slowly, it is no longer a ‘diet’ but becomes a lifestyle. You’d be surprised with how over time, new habits can form, replacing things you previously ‘couldn’t live without’… tomato sauce I’m talking to you! :)


Hanni said...

Haha wore that singlet last night love it!

Lady G said...

I also love the "never never never give up" slogan and have one of those shirts too! Though I notice on the shirt it's attributed to Lorna! And it turns out it was actually Winston all along...

I also love to quote the Yoda saying at people whenever they say something like "I'm going to try to go to the gym today.

Heck, I just love quotes!

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