Saturday, August 1, 2009

8 weeks out

and again, not too much to report! ahh how boring. Only had a small drop in skins this week and now that we are at the 8 week out mark i need at least a certain amount each week to lean down in time. Having a coach though, I'm not worried about this at all. All I have to worry about is getting through what he deals out! lol. my cardio jumped up quite a bit this week so Im kinda hoping the weeks keep flying by like they have been and Im looking forward to warmer weather and earlier sunrises.

Had some fairly dramatic mood swings this week! I'm pretty good now at just letting a bad mood pass by because I know I'll be positive again before long! Last night I felt so negative about the whole thing I just ate dinner and put myself to bed. Tomorrow is always a new day :) Tuesday this week will see my longest run thus far with no cheat meal (over 16 days) so I'm looking forward to climbing over that hill and coming out the other side. Prep has been like that for me- tackling one or two small changes or habits at a time which seem difficult at first but then with some practice your confidence increases and whatever it is just becomes part of your routine. I read a PN article recently about this very topic. The more you try to overhaul your diet/lifestyle all at once, the less likely you are to succeed (at keeping it up). Simple isn't it, but makes perfect sense. Patience is a virtue and unfortunately to get any kind of lasting results we have to fight through tough days where we feel like we're not getting anywhere... but we are, in the long run. No effort is ever wasted :)

There was about two minutes yesterday when I seriously contemplated getting lasagne with big fat chips for lunch. My little brain was trying all its tricks to justify it but I succeeded in just observing these thoughts and letting them pass. Although it was the first time I thought seriously about cheating (that is, when Im not allowed to) I knew I would not actually do it... all very new to me, feels great! because i just know its not worth it, the guilt would be incredible (still working on that part!) and I literally wouldn't have even enjoyed eating it. My last authorised cheat meal at Sizzlers however (see previous post) was awesome and I enjoyed every bite, those memories will just have to last a little while! Sounds like I'm a little obsessed with food hey? Yeah.. oh well!

Just completed first week of new training split which I borrowed from Vic, it was great! I had really been needing to prioritise abs a bit more. 


LizN said...

That lasagna looks pretty good. But I hate what it does to my insides~

Nerd Girl said...

ha food becomes the center of life during contest prep. it is all i think about!! but you are right, you just have to think about the fact that in just a short while, you can have that amazing cheat meal after the show and feel good about guilt.

KRISTIN said...

Well done on your small successes each day Steph... you are doing so well and I can't wait to meet you up there! Keeep going girl!

Michelle said...

Hey Steph,
I had you and you're Sizzler cheat meal in my mind last night when I went for Vietnamese. I swear it's the positive attitude to cheats which make them work. I'll just have to have your cheats for you :)

I also don't think it would've been guilt you'd have felt if you'd had that lasagne. I'd suggest it might have been disappointment.

You'll be there in no time and then it'll be over, but you'll only be where you are now; now. Enjoy your journey, I know it's not always easy, it'll make it easier next time.

Best wishes.

Charlotte Orr said...

Great post Steph. I especially like this part: 'Patience is a virtue and unfortunately to get any kind of lasting results we have to fight through tough days where we feel like we're not getting anywhere... but we are, in the long run. No effort is ever wasted'. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Raechelle said...

Yes-these last couple of becomes a major thought! I remember picking up tons of recipe magazines and ripping out all the ones I thought I'd want to make after the comp...I think I only made about one or two exotic and fattier dishes...most of those recipes are pretty much collecting dust...LOL!
Good for you in staying on course and NOT giving in to temtation! YAY!

Vicki said...

Hey Steph,
Glad you like the new split - I really enjoyed it last week to. The extra rest day from weights has done me good I think, feeling heaps better.
Great work on avoiding the lasagna and chips too. The guilt afterwards is never worth the few minutes it takes to scoff it - which is normally what happens when it's an unscheduled never REALLY enjoy each mouthful. PLUS, imagine how good you are gonna feel when you make it past the 16 days :)
So keep on keeping on babes!
Vic x

Anonymous said...

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