Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bleghhh or brilliant brekkie idea?

7 weeks, 3 days out but whose counting? ;)

Just wanted to post an idea I had recently which might be useful to people who want to either bump up their vegie intake (particularly at the tricky breakfast meal) and/or want to bulk up their brekkie oats if your portion is measly!

For ages, I'd been baking eggs (some whole, rest whites) with my mixed vegies and cutting this into individual portions which works a treat. However, this week I decided to try something different and to cover all the bases I've been eating:

 a whole egg boiled, separately- really enjoying being able to taste the yolk
mixing my whites in with my oats on the stovetop- pour in and mix fast so there's no chunks; and
boiling up and mashing cauliflower and adding this to the oats for my vegie portion! I couldn't mash it well enough to really get out the chunks but I don't really mind it..
For flavour, I add heaps of cinnamon, dash of nutmeg and splenda to taste. 
I also use a fair bit of water so by the time I'm done, 30g of oats goes a long way! :)

So tell me, bleghh or brilliant? (try it first!)


Esme said...

Don't think any of those would be good for me, not a real eggy person, have to hide the yoke in something else, and in oats??? Mmmm, I know many people do it, maybe I shouldn't judge until I've tried it. Maybe that will be part of going outside my comfort zone for the 100 day challenge. BUT did want to say love the photo, looking good there Steph. Ez
(Former TopEndGirl) changed due to cyberstalking.

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Sounds very very interesting???/ will give it a go, but here's a thought, why not make a pancake(s) out of it. Cauliflower makes an awesome based pizza, so why not in pancakes. Blend all ingredients and cook in non stick pan like my scanpan. Theres a thought too. And you can always divide them up into portions too. Some before work and some on the way to work etc etc.

Hanni said...

Mmm cinnamon! Its my lil saviour i chuck it on everything just about! Even in my teas! Looking great Steph! Will have to give this Cauliflower idea a whirl!

SeLiNa said...

That sounds scary Steph!!!!! But you gotta do what you gotta do, and any food tastes good during comp prep! But having said that, cauli really doesn't have much flavour, so I can imagine it being OK in a pizza base like Dori said, or even in your oats!!
That pic of you is HOT by the way! You're gonna look AWESOME up on stage! :)

Jadey said...

How much time do you have to make breakfast??? lol I'm going to try it though! We'll see how it goes! It sounds nice! xox

Stephanie Davis said...

LOL thanks for all the replies. I think its def the gradual changes that make this seem ok to me! ie first getting used to plain oats on water, then getting used to mixing the egg whites in and now going the whole hog and putting my vege in there too! cauli really has no taste but did i mention there is a LOT of cinnamon going on in there! its good for u, hehe!

ps I prep EVERYTHING in bulk and in advance cos no I don't have buckets of time every morning! I do spend some time doing this on weekend etc though cos I like to make sure I enjoy my meals xx

Lady G said...

That is pretty creative! It sounds totally weird but if I think about it, there's actually no reason why your concoction can't work! I LOVE cinnamon too :)

Michelle said...

Try steaming the cauli until really soft then putting it in the food processor to make 'mash potato'. I reckon that'd be awseome in oats OR mix with the oats, the eggs and whites and make PANCAKES. mmm comp prep pancakes :D

Nice shoulder BTW

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Steph, I've posted Valerie Waugaman's recipe for spinach in oats in my blog. Not sure if it will fit with your meal plan but your post reminded me about the recipe.

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