Saturday, August 8, 2009

7 weeks out

Hi all, 

Got a interesting mixed response to my brekkie creation :)  I think its definately the slow and gradual changes in my diet that make this seem ok to me! ie first getting used to plain oats on water, then getting used to mixing the egg whites in and now going the whole hog and putting my vege in there too! cauli really has no taste but did i mention there is a LOT of cinnamon going on in there! Hanni, my fellow addict- I've read that its really good for u, hehe! Selina is totally right- you have to get a little creative for taste during comp prep!

You'll have to give me more details re the pizza base idea Dori, sounds good to me! if I had a base, I could go to town with all my favourite pizzary toppings- tomato paste, chicken/turkey, mushrooms, oregano, spinach, red yellow AND green capsicum yummo. 

Jadey asked how much time I have in the mornings to prepare breakfast. Answer- very little! I prep EVERYTHING in bulk and in advance. Meaning there is a sizable tupperware container of mashed cauliflower in my fridge right now ready to go ;) I do spend some time doing this on weekend etc though cos I like to make sure I enjoy my meals.

Again, this week has gone super fast for me and overall I'm happy to report I'm cruising. Every now and then if I let myself get too tired I get a bit over-emotional but I'm doing well at staying calm and positive most of the time. I even wound down with a candlelit bath the other night AND tried some yoga (ok, 5 min Youtube videos- its a start when you need QUICK ideas to de-stress!) No real food cravings going on which amazes me. A while ago I would think about some of the things Im going to have once the diet is over (yes, Sizzler springs to mind) but what I am looking forward to more now (than specific food items/restaurants) is just the option of dining out, flexibility etc and simply being able to relax a little around meals rather than having to be strategic about making sure I get them all in, spaced out correctly, balanced with not letting myself get hungry.. you know!? Cos hunger is really the only thing Im afraid of now, in terms of dieting.. not boring food, not 'deprivation' of junk etc.

In other news, Ali and I recently joined up at our local 24 hour gym (yep two gym memberships- hardcore!) and its small but has good quality equipment. I like being able to get in, move around quickly without having to wait for things etc and be done! Im sure its got a lot to do with my weight going down but Im smashing out unassisted chins with ease now and have even mastered a few widegrip pullups. so much fun! 

Going to finish this post with a little plug for our fave Oxygen mag and brag too- if you haven't got this month's issue yet, Ali has been busy editing and writing articles and is a contributer this month :) As is the lovely Michelle Koen- food genius who has already shared her talent for some time on Lindy's forum. The mag is actively promoting Aussie talent which is so great to see.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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