Saturday, July 4, 2009

ANB QLD State titles 12 weeks out TODAY

so who else is on the countdown with me to this comp? I need some friends backstage to be very nervous with! 

this may be the only comp I enter, so the next 12 weeks I'm going to continue giving it EVERYTHING!

I was extremely upset the last couple of days this week, have had some.. family drama that coincides with my dedication to competing. As anyone prepping knows, time is a limited commodity fitting all the food prep, eating, training, cardio, posing practice, appts etc in around a full time job. This may come across as being well, selfish to people who don't really understand the commitments prep demands. 

Its been causing me a lot of stress. Family is really important to me and I'm worried that if I don't somehow fix this now, as prep gets more difficult (esp from 6 weeks out) I will be tempted at times to throw in the towel. I mean, when it gets tough, really tough and you're tired, drained and emotional- would it take much for you to say to yourself- why I am doing this? and question it all?

I have worked too hard for the last 12 months to let that happen so Im hoping that at some point I will get a little more support. I guess the first time is particularly difficult. I would really appreciate learning from the experiences of others on this one.


Rebecca said...

I hope that you manage to get the support that you need and to sort out your family stuff. You have come too far to throw in the towel. You will get there :)

e said...

I'm with you Steph! We can be nervous together!

Don't give up... just let your family know how important they are and also let them know how important this goal is to you... hopefully they will understand :)

Tara said...

looking good Steph!!

I may and may not be joining you at the ANB comp. Will see what sort of shape I come in with.

Re prepping and time constraints, i just kinda have tunnel vision and nothing gets in my way. I am lucky that Rob is 100% behind me and the rest of the family don't care what I do.

Have a great weekend. xx

Hanni said...

Hey Steph! Looking amazing there girl! Just want you to know if you need a friend give me a buzz k im there for u in all the ups and downs through this comp experience k! Take each day as it comes i know i am hehe! xx

Lisa Colombani said...

Yes Steph, you are looking really good! You sound really focussed too. It is a very selfish sport and people find it hard to understand, in fact, they don't even try really. I think it takes a special sort of person to make the commitment and only those who have this same discipline can really get it. That's what is great about blogging!! You have obviously put in a great deal of hard work so hang in there. You deserve to reap the rewards of your hard work. I hope the family can be more understanding and give you the space and time that you need. The less distractions you have the better, it is only 12 weeks, they can have you at Christmas!! :-)
I'll probably be competing ANB and will definitely be cheering for you!

Charlotte Orr said...

Looking good Steph! Hang in there...

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