Friday, July 17, 2009

Strange food combos?

If i really like certain foods then sometimes I get the crazy idea that I might like them even better chopped up really small and mashed together... hehe.

Check out today's pre-training meal!
I boiled some sweet potato, covered it in my not so secret ingredient CINNAMON (yum!!) mashed banana with it and put my kanga bangas on top (cooked these with zucchini, cherry tomatoes and onion).

Then, rather than eat them on their own I dumped all my green vegies on top too. why not? :)

Another good recent experiment was chicken, fresh pineapple chunks, red capsicum and cauliflower stirfried together topped with some natural yoghurt... (yum!)

I know the real art of cooking is to keep it simple and make the most of balancing flavours using high quality ingredients.. but sometimes this is more fun! 

Off to burn these carbos!! 


Hanni said...

Mmmm i love cinnamon its my new best friend!!!

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