Saturday, July 25, 2009

9 weeks oooh single digits!

Well this is going to be a bit of a random brain dump/update because I don't have anything really new or exciting to post! Saw our coach yesterday and had a good drop with the skinfolds after starting on some fat burners. So my meal plan hasn't changed again which is GREAT because I'm still comfortable with what I'm eating at the moment, but I am getting to the point where I don't want to give anything else up- variety is good as long as you can get away with it!

Strength at the gym is not bad either but energy otherwise has been a little flat and I'm pretty much sore all the time. If we weren't training for comp I would tell myself I'm overtraining and take a break, but this is all normal and part of it I guess. When at the gym I try to psyche myself up and make the most of the session because while I don't think I can put on muscle while dieting, I sure can't afford to lose any!

So how am I going with the death of the cheat meal? Fine mostly, as my day to day diet does not feel too restrictive at this stage... although that is probably because I have been on a meal plan so long that all the changes have been very slow and gradual- recommend this because there's no bad shocks! ask me twelve months ago if I could live without tomato sauce? LOL! I did struggle mentally a little at first as so far the longest I have been without a cheat meal is 16 days BUT gosh, time is flying! 

People have started asking me when am I going to start eating 'normally' again? Its too difficult to explain to them all about how I don't even really view this as a diet, I'm just eating a certain way to achieve a goal (ie skinfolds low enough to compete) and that post comp I'll simply be changing the meal plan accordingly.. So no, sorry I don't intend to EVER go back to saying yes every time someone offers me food, getting excited over catering 'leftovers', eating vegetables every other day and firing up the sandwich maker for lunch. It really is sad when eating a huge salad every day is unusual behaviour which people can't help commenting on! So yeah, who wants to be normal anyway? lol. 


Jody said...

I recently starting reading your blog (I saw it on another blog). You look really great! I have been trying a fat burner as well. I have been working with a trainer on my nutrition/training for the past 9 weeks and I think I could use an extra boost. I am not training for a competition, but I want to lower my bodyfat significantly. I think I am around 16-17% right now. What fat burners have you tried? Did some work better than others. I know this is varies widely between people, but I haven't decided which one to try first.

I laughed at your comment regarding people asking when you would eat normally again. I always get comments about my weird food (b/c apparently sweet potatoes are weird...) We recently starting hanging out with some new friends. Before we officially met them, they saw me running and biking at the lake (we were all camping) and they were already thinking that it was a bit odd for me to be exercising so much at the lake. We have eaten several times with them now and I always bring my own chicken to the bbq's and I order salad every time we go out to eat and they also think this is a bit strange.

We went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant with them and 2 other people that we hadn't met. After I ordered a chicken salad, the girl that I know announced to the other girl that I am really concerned about my health. Then they proceed to tell me not to look at their plates b/c they ordered really bad food. When this occurs, I start feeling like they think I am judging them b/c they are eating unhealthy foods, when really I could care less about what they eat.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. It is just really interesting to see other people's reactions. Usually when they see that you eat healthy, they start saying things like, "Well, I am fat and happy". And it is not like I say anything to them about how they eat. But they almost start defending their own eating habits.

Raechelle said...

Cute little posing outfit! You're looking great!

KRISTIN said...

I hear ya Steph! People just don't get it sometimes do they? Eating the way I'm eating now is pretty close to normal for me too (bar the free weekly meal missing and a few sauces), so it's always difficult to explain that to people who don't understand... but hey, there are some of us out here :)

All the best for your remaining prep time, I need to watch I don't lose my muscle too! Keep up the great work babe xoxo

Vicki said...

Hey Steph,
Lookin good babes!! Can't wait to see how you guys come up :)
Hmm yeah you'll get used to the whole 'when are you gonna eat normal again' thing...normal, of course, being stuffing your face with burgers, chips, cakes, chocolates etc etc at every given opportunity! It frustrates me that people feel the need to pass judgement on us eating healthy, fresh food but God forbid we make comments about how often most people stuff themselves with unhealthy, sugary, processed crap! Oh well we're not the ones who are gonna suffer in the long run :)
I'm done with my rant now...hope you have had a good weekend!!
Vic x

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