Thursday, July 16, 2009

I can't wait....

I am REALLY looking forward to our photoshoot with Dallas Olsen at the end of next month (4 weeks out from our comp).

I'm not a very 'high maintenance' kind of girl, tending to dress down, flat shoes, limited makeup day to day etc but am really looking forward to the transformation I would undertake with a dark spray tan (never had one before) fake nails (once before, didn't last long!) professional hair and makeup for the shoot. I'm going all out as a trial for the comp itself AND because I want the best photos possible! :) I put a stupidly expensive bikini on layby too, hehe! its fun to be a girl sometimes.

I've kept this to myself up until now but I'm also looking forward to having these photos because I have a goal to try some fitness modelling... I said this with some hesitation and embarassment to Lindy last month, ie 'do you think I could do it?' lol. I need a confidence injection! so what if I get rejected nine out of ten times? Too often, we let a fear of failure or rejection get in our way of doing things we'd really like to. I think, like ANY goal- if I am persistent I will succeed... in which case I'd better up my maintenance slightly :)


*ANA* said...

sounds like fun!

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