Monday, June 29, 2009

SEVEN days

Firstly thanks heaps to the lovely ladies that commented on my last post, you all said that you knew exactly how I felt and that is good to know! Honestly, just knowing that you're not alone and what you're experiencing is normal (and you're not nuts) helps you move past an 'episode' and get on with things, even when you know that it might happen again tomorrow.. let's hope not though! haha.

Today, I feel great! Had my mini reflexology massage (30mins) which was a well overdue measure to release the tension that had built up in my neck and traps. Who else here hunches at a computer all day before toddling off to training? Also got a great haircut and eyebrow wax, so feeling like a thousand dollars... haha! A tan might get me another step closer to a million!

Ali and I saw our coach Jon this morning, we are 12 weeks out this saturday from the ANB State Titles. I see a lot of posts currently about the 'business' end of prep, how exciting. I hope you all are still smashing your workouts while you can and sticking to your plans like glue. I had another good drop this week (made my target), I will post a photo at the end of the week to mark the 12 week out countdown!

As I mentioned, I've had my weekly 'cheat meals' reduced now. So finally getting to the title of today's post last week in my little food diary was the first seven days I have gone through without a cheat meal, a 'slip', a substitution on the plan or .. a binge! Looking back now, I have not succumbed to binging behaviour (mega emotional eating) since February, I have felt fantastic about my relationship with food ever since I managed to slay that dragon. So I feel like I've accomplished something more now by getting over the 'seven day hump' without "needing" a refeed. Wow, I didn't explode or die or anything! haha. I can see how it would get easier and easier over time.

I certianly take all of these food lessons of mine very seriously as it is obviously going to take a while to 'unlearn' years of bad habits and abusing my body.

I am hoping that when I do get my next cheat meal at the end of this week, I will conquer my next lesson- consistently feeling in control of these refeeds. I think the reduced frequency might actually help me in appreciating the food more, savouring it etc and perhaps also a reduced tolerance for overeating and fatty/sugary foods.


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