Wednesday, June 17, 2009

body fighting back

My last fat pinching test yielded a disappointing result unfortunately...

My plan had been cranked up a notch to get to 12 week out goal however after two weeks my weight had not changed and I only dropped 1mm. 

I can only put it down to stress (work and personal). Tried to convince jon I am not stressing about the plan, as I keep saying I have faith in doing as Im told!  So trying to keep chin up and just keep going. I know there is 'plenty of time' yet, I just would hate for things to get real difficult for me (no more free meals, more cardio earlier than expected etc) not because I messed up but due to stress. 

The whole point of leaning down prior to prep beginning was to be able to hit these body fat goals with minimal effort, maximising metabolism and maintaining muscle.

Im working from home today, just being able to do that meant I had an hour extra sleep and two and half hours less commute time!  I know how important managing stress is in this process and for overall health (its also majorly affecting my digestion) but de-stressing is not as simple as switching it off is it? My realistic stress busting ideas so far include using affirmations etc to put myself in a positive frame of mind, being efficient at work and not taking on more than what should reasonably be expected of me, stretching more... 



Splice said...

You will be fine Chicky :-) I posted a reply at Lindy's site.
Deb xxx

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