Sunday, June 7, 2009

Round Two

Ran through our compulsory poses with Jo today and partly due to knowing what to expect, i have to say that I enjoyed this second session a lot more. I even managed to smile in a couple of her photos! :)

14 weeks out from the WFF today. Im actually re-thinking this comp because I was under the false impression that this was a natural federation but no, its untested and its more of a natural 'alternative' to the NABBA, ie by putting weight restrictions on the height classes. According to my height, I wouldn't be allowed to come in any heavier than 56kg to compete in WFF.. umm Im already under that (first thing in the morning!).. haha. Perhaps I will do the INBA instead, the week before the ANB State titles. Great thing about the INBA Novice class is that its purely for first timers like me. We can all stand there trying not to shake together!

Getting a lot more comfortable in my shoes which is great but really struggling to find adequate time to practice posing, that's another reason why its stressing me a little- time is flying!!! 


Charlotte Orr said...

Legs and shoulders looking great! Keep up the good work!

Mightee Mouse said...

Hey Steph - it's up to you but from my experience I have competed in NABBA figure & have done well - in my 2004 National's comp there were 3 of us girls who were a finer physique than the others who had serious muscle & we all placed & they didn't. I guess it depends on the lineup on the day too. INBA is great too, but you can do either being a natural! I actually prefer the NABBA show format too - all done in one go!

Hanni said...

Looking great Steph!

Michelle said...

Hey steph, you're looking awesome. Don't stress about your posing, it's looking much better than mine was this time last year. Look at the photos if you don't believe me!

If the WFF is your practice show anyway then just get up there and give it a shot. Get all the jitters out for whatever your main show is. Next season I compete I'm totally doing a WFF show, I think it suites my physique more.

Rebecca said...

You are looking great Steph. What an amazing feelig it will be to get up on stage and know that all that hard work will have paid off :)

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