Sunday, June 28, 2009

Minor Meltdown

Those who know me know that I am .. quite an emotional person. (I call it SOFT!!) Can't help it, I also tend to bottle things in for too long which can result in bouts of minor depression, anxiety etc.

Had a little meltdown yesterday. And feel much better for it! So I just wanted to tell anyone reading who is like me, holding it all in, feeling sorry for yourself etc to just let it out and do something about it!

Mine was also a result of waiting tooo long to eat and needing carbs post training!! about 12 weeks out at the moment so the diet is getting stricter as we progress and baby, I need to eat every two hours! So thankful for my job, I carry around my tupperware everywhere, into meetings, training courses whatever and people are used to it by now :) So yesterday, it had already been too long a gap before training, then on the way home we stopped to return some overdue DVDs at our local store. The poor young man who served me was still learning how to use the computer and (accidentally) was trying to majorly rip me off with late fees (more than i actually  owed). I wouldn't have bothered if it were only a few bucks but had to labour the point and wait for him to be able to sort it out. I started to feel flushed and dizzy, you know that feeling? Then as I started to get a little impatient and frustrated with him, my physical symptoms got worse and so on.

Made it to the car when the personal issues that were under the surface bubbled over and I started to hyperventilate... panic attack. Then the tears came.

So this would all sound CRAZY to someone a little more capable in managing their emotions and not letting them stew, but combine that with a first time competitor who needs to eat and we have one upset little girl! 

As I said, good news is as a result i feel much better, booked myself in for a massage today and I can't wait! Now that my treat meals are becoming few and far between I will be looking for more non food ideas to keep myself amused. Funny how much food preoccupies our lives.. :)


SeLiNa said...

OH.My.God Steph - that sounds like me! I've had tears over the stupidest of things lately too. Yesterday I was getting agitated, couldn't find something... so what do I do? Cry. And that made it all feel better.

Hang tight girl, it's all worth it up on stage :)

Nicole P said...

I'm hearing ya Steph - I'm exactly the same!! Hang in there :) Nicole xx

Jehanne said...

I hear you honey! I am exactly the same - just wrote to my mum saying I am such a sookey la la this very second. I had some tears at work the other night - was just missing everyone so much, and I was feeling very light headed, weak,hungry, emotional etc... I know it is all a part and parcel of comp prep and the combo of working night shift out on a mine site - so I dont let it get to me too much - I allow myself to feel the emotions without freaking out too much and then get on with life. Its good to have a cry - let it out, be real and be who you are. There is nothing wrong with being 'soft' as people call it - feelings should never be squashed - live life completely, feel life completely - that is what makes the good times soooooo much better. Chin up gorgeous - you aer gonna be fantastic!

Hanni said...

Oh u poor thing hehe! I lost my keys last friday and totally lost it hey cried my bloody eyes out! It was rather embarrassing actually hehe! But yeah i was well and truely due for a meal so it did not make it any better! Head down, bum toning up time hehe! : )

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