Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I love skwigg.com

Have I ever mentioned that Skwigg's blog was the first I ever came across? I have been neglecting reading it lately in favour of more figure themed blogs but today's post titled, 'conditioned hyper-eating' is a beauty. It reviews a book that amongst other issues, examines how it is cuturally acceptable in places like US and here in Oz to eat whatever and whereever without it being questioned (any wonder why we so chubby!) like at our desks, in our cars etc instead of just the usual mealtimes.

My favourite thought provoker is "Why on earth do people need to EAT in a business meeting?"

I currently work for Govt in an office environment where some (less busy) people tend to get a little bored and overexcited at the thought of food and any excuse will do. Our team manager has actually formed a roster for our fortnightly team meetings designating whose responsibility it will be to provide morning tea. I kid you not. I bet everyone is really looking forward to my turn!

I am still very interested in the topic of what makes us overeat or binge eat and generally not be able to control ourselves when it comes to food but am happy to say that when I read articles (and comments to articles) such as this, it is more now out of interest than... a desperation frankly, to seek the solution!

Unforunately, it really is the case that you can't have your cake and eat it too. But the longer you persist with a lifestyle of eating clean unprocessed foods for the majority, the more the benefits far outweigh anything you are 'missing out' on.


Rebecca said...

Hi Steph, I have been following your blog for awhile now and just wanted to say I admire your dedication. You are well on your way to a wonderful competition :)


KRISTIN said...

Hi Steph! thanks for your comment on my blog, I appreciate the heads up. I will make sure I am ready for some positive criticism. It will be great to follow your journey too, good luck with all your training and prep. Perhaps we will meet one day :)


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