Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I just wrote a pretty negative post (below).

Then I read Shelley's blog who said we should use the word 'awesome' today. So Im choosing to flip my thoughts into positive and list some of the reasons why (perhaps deep down) I am feeling awesome!

I studied hard and earned a good job at a young age
I am good at my job
my job allows me to start, finish, eat, pee (hehe) whenever and however often i want or need to 
I am grateful for my job and nice home
I inspire people at work with my dedication to eating well and training
I am the leanest and in the best condition I have EVER been in (and its only going to get better)
I am doing everything my coach is asking of me
The fat will come off and I will not be too skinny to compete
My treadmill would miss me if I didn't visit it every morning :P

Thanks Shelley!

Ps i think the dates of my posts are coming up one day late.. meh


ss2306 said...

AWESOME work Steph!

SeLiNa said...

Hey chick!
I'm doing the All Females in Melbourne in 3 weeks. GAH!!

Rebecca said...

Hope all your training is going well :)

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