Friday, December 4, 2009


We've been sooo slack and still haven't put up any photos from comp around the house so I hadn't looked over them in a while. Bit of a shock when you haven't seen them for a while! Especially now that I'm used to my rounder face again, hehe! I know that my conditioning was as good as it could have been but damn- can I have some more muscle for Christmas please?

These are the pics I like:

However, some of the other shots are a little scary! Particularly my posing and symmetry shots from the side- my waist looked nice and small but I think I look very fragile and wouldn't have wanted a strong wind to blow! Ah such is the life of a natural female competitor.

One of the most important things I learnt from the stage experience was DO NOT RELAX for one second! Several people will get photos of you doing so and obviously the difference is quite incredible! I didn't find myself getting too sore onstage thankfully but I remember telling myself before going out- you have worked for this for 18 months, 5 more minutes won't kill you! Its definately a shame when you see posing or a lack of confidence let a competitor down. The pose I would be working on a lot for next time is my chest pose.  Having quite long arms, I tried to tweak it by adjusting the position of my hands but I obviously didn't spend enough time practicing it without a mirror ended up looking a little bizarre, lol!

So its now been 10 weeks since comp and hopefully the muscle building has been going well! We took one week off training after comp and have been training consistently four times per week since. Will take another week off over the Christmas/New Year break since the gym will be closed a few of those days anyway. I'll definately be keeping up with my walking though cos I'm sure there'll be some trifle and other goodies in there! Sounds a bit of a random food choice doesn't it? I just remembered that's what I went nuts on last year, probably because its not something you see often...

Less than 3 weeks to go now! Here's to enjoying an indulgent meal or two with family but not having to start 2010 with "lose weight" as a resolution xx


Anonymous said...

I love your physique. I love the leanness and the quantity of muscle is just right...for what i'm wanting.

Lift hard, eat more, and I hope that muscle is growing for you :)

Raechelle said...

I think you have an excellent "relaxed" pose-doesn't look slack to me!
It's great to look back at comp pics; helps to get us focused on what we need to work on-hey! I know I'm seeing several weaknesses in my own photos-and I know what to work on ;-)

Rebecca said...

Can I have some muscle for xmas too??? Thanks!! Lol.

But you should be proud not to 'have to lose weight' in 2010 as your resolution. Woo hoo!!

Lindy Olsen said...

you have great potential Steph, train hard girl, i know you've got what it takes! xx Lindy

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