Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 a year in pictures :)

Wow, another year has come and almost gone. The biggest highlights of 2009 for me were competing in my first figure comp (of course!!) and scoring my permanent position at work - thank goodness that was earlier in the year before prep started!
I turned 24, Ali turned 27, we celebrated our 4th anniversary together and our 2nd anniversary of living in the home we purchased together.
... Now for some pics! 

POSING! below L-R 
First ever progress shot when we first went to see our coach Jon (June 2008 - 101ml @ 62kg)
First posing tutorial with Jo Rogers
10 weeks out, posing is getting easier

below L-R
the fun really began at 6 weeks out, no more cheat meals and a bit of HIIT
published in Oxygen! (pic also taken at 6 weeks out)
Dallas Olsen shoot at 4 weeks out

below L-R
8 weeks out, suit fitting with Jo
Finding out just how high my suit would have to be - thanks hips!
Jo promised it would out work on the day ... if I got into shape!

night before
show day
morning after

I hope you all had a successful and memorable year and I look forward to continuing to read comment and post in blogland in 2010!


Lauren said...

Wow Steph, you have had a fab year! I hope you feel extremely proud of yourself for such a successful year.

Love the piccie diary. Especially the suit fitting with Jo. I was actually wondering how she fitted you to work it all out. Looks a little daunting!

Well done again.....and look forward to hearing from you in 2010!

Leanne said...

Hi Stephanie,
I have been following your blog for a little while, Great pics of your journey to the stage, Congrats on all you have achieved this year!!!

Charlotte Orr said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing!

Jaime-lee said...

Very Inspiring Steph! Im looking forward to the same journey in 2010!

Hanni said...

What a transformation babe im so proud of you : ) xoxo

Nicole said...

Well done Steph - what a wonderful year of achievements you've had!! All the best for 2010!! Nicole xx

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