Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beautiful Blogger Awards

April kindly nominated me to carry this post on - can i just emphasis again how much I love this girl's blog and as I'm a bit of a lazy blogger,  I'm flattered to be on her blogroll! :) 

Part 1 of the deal is I get to divulge 7 random facts about me:
1. I'm both fascinated and terrified by croc/alligators. This month I plan to get some alligator tail and cook it using one of my recipes from Jamie Olliver.
2. The only country I've visited thus far is Japan. While I would love to see the rest of the world, my ideal holiday right now is cruising... to nowhere in particular.
3. I am a youngest sibling (one older sister) thus am used to getting pushed around a a bit, but never getting blamed for anything, lol. 
4. I am a crazy cat lady, I have two but would have more if I could. I'd like dogs next (never had one before) and am worried I'll end up with a farm eventually! I want to get a pug and call it McBain. 
5. I love training shoulders and am getting quite strong. But when I first started training, I used ~5kg dumbells for pressings and side laterals etc and could not even do the movement for rear laterals with the smallest baby weights! 
6. I still eat ~ 1-1.5kg vegies a day (spread out over a lot of meals). I know I don't have to but I can't help it.
7. I am a closet popstar. I got singstar for Christmas to add to my collection of karaoke DVDs and CDs. I don't need alcohol to get up and sing either!

This is Cookie - she had four baby boys and we kept one of the gingers and named him Tiger.

Part 2 - I will nominate 7 more beautiful bloggers:
I nominate:

Don't feel as though you have to carry it on, but do know that you're beautiful! :O


Lauren said...

Well girl, I just read your post and thought it was great to hear a little bit more about you.

Crocodile......don't know about that one. When we were up in Dawin a few years back, I saw it there on a restaurant menu, right beside 'camel hump' ewwwwww! I just couldn't bring myself to try it. Let us know how it goes.

Then I got to the end and saw your comment about other beautiful bloggers.........and I felt so honoured that you think my blog is worthy of that comment. I got the 'warm and fuzzies' and just wanted to reach through my computer and give your a great big hug of appreciation!

It is so warming to hear when you have touched somebody (even if it is through blogland) and in such a short time. Thanks again Steph, and I WILL be following up with a few odd things about myself for my next blog. Come to think of it...I was a little stuck for something to write! lol!

Raechelle said...

Ha ha! Why thank you hon! I actually just completed one-tagged by another blogger...LOL; it's fun to read a bit about everyone besides just training stuff hey! happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steph!!! Gosh feel so slack I haven't been in touch - big sorry - would love to try catch up one day soon for coffee xo Happy New Year to you and Ali gorgeous xo

Bec said...

Wow Steph, you have achieved so much in 2009. What a year!! I can't wait to read all about your fitness journey in 2010.


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