Monday, December 14, 2009

2 years well spent

Don't you love a good before and after comparison? There is exactly two years between the first photo and the most recent one on the right, which was taken on the weekend. The one in the middle was obviously my show day which was 26 September 09.
The trouble is, how do you know when 'before' is and when have you reached 'after'? I've been waiting til long enough post comp to post these comparisons because competition condition does NOT = after photo! For me, my 'after' photo is all about my new lifestyle and positive relationship with food. Its about finding balance and peace with my weight and body image.
I wish more girls would genuinely embrace the fact that comp condition is not desirable year round. Everyone seems to agree that it is only a temporary state so why pine for it after the show is over? Aren't you just making yourself miserable unnecessarily? For example, a lot of girls seem to pine for their lost abdominals after comp. Don't you remember what you were doing to have them if you were lucky to see them at all? I only saw mine at sub 35ml bodyfat and dehydrated!
Gaining weight after the show is an unpleasant but necessary phase, it has been an interesting new challenge trying to work out my new maintenance level given that I have never successfully maintained a weight that I'm happy with before. I currently weigh myself once per week and would love for one day to do away with the scales completely. Despite how far I have come, I am silently terrified of regaining all the weight I've lost.

Complaining about our bodies is something we girls do very well and it is contagious. It almost feels wrong to be satisfied with yourself just the way you currently are. I do seek continuous improvement and will always have goals but also need to strike a balance between this and being proud of myself the way i am. The offseason is not an excuse to get fat and complacent but please, be kind to yourself and love your offseason body just as much. I know its easier said than done and I loved being rock hard too. When negative self image thoughts come to me I just tell myself- at least the boobs are back :)


Chelle said...

Great post babe. You're absolutely right, the post comp body is something we all need to come to terms with, cos thats reality. ..Just curious, how many kg difference between your before and 'real' after pic? The transformation is awesome =)

Frankie said...

What a gorgeous, healthy, glowing couple you two are. Just breathe, you've made the lifestyle changes, not just competed. I'm sure you're gonna keep your great health and physique!

Anonymous said...

You guys look a hell of a lot healthier in your after shot in my opinion. And you're exactly right, "after" is your off-season condition Steph. That's the part all us competitors struggle to achieve and maintain. Myself included, we live and learn and that's all a part of the process. :o) xxx

Style Seduction said...

I love this post, I think its definately something that is a phase, not many women have comp bodies long term, and you should see the bulking phase as a beautiful phase as well, the control you have over growing your body is an amazing thing!

Jaime-lee said...

Yes Steph thats one thing I struggled with after comp and then put alot of weight back on because I binged. A very valuable lesson was learnt believe me. This time it will be different, no way will I ever go through that again. I love competing and the challenges/commitment that is involved.

Steph I love reading your blogs. Your helping me get to where I want to be.

JL xo

Anonymous said...

Are you talking to me? LOL! I'm guilty of hating myself after a show. Except for my 2nd one where I was immediately prepping for my 3rd. How did I stay thin then? DIET!!! It's all about the diet for me. I KNOW this but the holidays are so tough to do that. I'm good until I start baking and then I lick every spoon and bowl and my body HATES sugars!!! Instant marshmallow man. When i'm prepping for a show I can make all kinds of things and not lick spoons so I need to have that mentality all the time or do I? GAH! I'm insane!!!

Hanni said...

Im so prud at how well your doing babe keep up the amazing work! I know that post comp next time i will be doing things a hell of a lot different, im not going to have the attitude "no, it won't happen to me" cos ahhhh it did happen! 2010 round the corner new year, new goals, new me! Thanks for all your support this year your the best!!! xoxo

Lauren said...

You two have put in massive amounts of effort in the past 2 years. You both look great, and as Lia said, a lot healthier too! It is incredible to look at the difference you have both made to yourselves, and how fortunate you guys are to have done it together.

Congratulations on a job well done, and you can now head into one of the healthiest and fittest New Years in a while (dare I say ever????)

Ali - MesoCorp said...

Yay the boobs! lol
The boys at work said I looked 40 in that comp pic.. haha.
You're spot on with that post hun. Boys get those feelings too and its messed up. Finding that right level of 'letting go of comp shape to make muscle progress' and 'letting yourself go and becomming a supreme fatso' can be hard! xx

Raechelle said...

You guys have made such great strides! Well done! It's all a learning experience and now that you've gone through it you have a better idea of what to do and not to do afterwards; and a better idea of what your body responds too!
Just keep enjoying life!

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