Sunday, May 24, 2009

Posing... hurts!

Well, duh! Everyone warned me I'd be sore after my first posing session with Jo :-S  See how Im not smiling? haha, I was trying not to move!!

Our first session was really informative as obviously there's so much a competitor can learn from such a professional with so much experience. 

I left feeling a little daunted by just how much work is to be done but hey, Im up for it! No point training hard in the gym and getting your diet right if you can't pose on the day! The relaxed pose was particularly difficult for me.. how ironic.

The bad news for me is that it appears I have a curved spine (I didn't know!) which makes it difficult for me to keep my shoulders level and hips straight. Jo gave me some nice feedback as well, in that I have broad shoulders and a nice shape however, I also have rather wide hips :P As long as Im successful in getting the fat off that shouldn't be a problem. She asked me where I think I need to improve my physique and we both agreed that I should continue working on my shoulders and building thickness generally. 


SeLiNa said...

LOL!! That pic brought back so many memories, I remember being there not that long ago! :)
You look great, and you do appear to have nice broad shoulders in that pose - lucky girl!!
So which comp are you doing?! :)

Charlotte Orr said...

LOL, it sure does! Nice lats and small waist! Keep up the great work!

Splice said...

You like like a figure girl Steph! I love your physique.

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