Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Muscle muscle muscle muscle!!

Thanks to a very knowledgeable  friend who inspired my blog post title :)

Ali and I attended the INBA Brisbane show on Sunday and I had a great time not only being able to see the show, see fellow bloggers Shelley, Katie and Selina (front line, first) compete but the chance to catch up with the figure gals, get some great advice, support and motivation!!

Of course, the novice class took my main interest as that will be me in a few short months :) There was a big lineup of 14 girls so they had to be judged in two stages and were really put through their paces. I like that about the INBA, the judges seem to really take their time in making their decisions rather than rush the classes through which Im sure is appreciated by competitors. Selina, (coached by the wise Liz) did a great job, coming in fourth. These four at least really impressed me in terms of muscle size, conditioning and presentation- very professional! But to be perfectly honest, I thought that some of the other girls were a little.. skinny.. hence the title of my post! 

I know putting on quality muscle is a slow and painful process for us gals and Im willing to work at it, im in this lifestyle for good! :) So my goal is to preserve as much muscle as I can dieting down for this first show and then of course, better that next time. Simple as that!

Prep is going well so far. Ali and I saw our coach last week and had both dropped 4.5ml of bodyfat, putting me only 2ml away from the level that Jon would like to see me maintain in the offseason- my mind could go all sorts of places thinking about that challenge but if Jon thinks I can do it then thats all I need to know. Im really pleased with the work we've put in to repair my metabolism (after a couple of years of maltreatment by me with crazy diets). 

Next thing we are looking forward to is our first posing session with Jo this saturday! Then we have a wedding to attend saturday night (saving my cheat meal to be able to enjoy the wedding cake!!!).

Well.. its time to eat again!


SeLiNa said...

Hey Steph!!!!!! Thanks for introducing yourself to me on my blog! Shame we didn't introduce ourselves last weekend, but I was so flustered I probably wouldn't have made any sense anyway!!
I was so excited to read you're stepping on stage later in the year - I'll DEFINITELY be following your journey. Which comp are you planning on entering?? It's so so so exciting, I'm still on such a high! I can't believe I really did it! LOL!!
Your blog post was so nice too - thank you and I shocked (but stoked! LOL attention-seeker) to see my pic on your blog! I think I've seen me from every angle now! hee hee
Have fun with Jo, I can't believe only a few short weeks ago I had my first session with her - be prepared to HURT! haha. Oh and practice practice practice in those shoes - you saw how uncontrollable my leg was, dammit!

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