Wednesday, May 13, 2009

not as muscular as i thought

Im sure its a pet peeve of all women trying to get some decent muscles going when other women moan about not wanting to train with heavy weights cos they are concerned about 'bulking up' etc?
Well they all need to be told- you're not as muscular as you think!! (oh and its not that easy to put on muscle either, did you think it would happen accidentally?)
Great article about this here. The gross pic above refers to the cross section of an average woman's thighs and the proporation of muscle to fat. Strip away that thick layer of fat and this woman would certainly not have bulky thighs!
Preparing for my first comp is certainly bringing this point home personally as well! I had a drop on the scales recently, each one is my new lowest weight ever as an adult so its exciting but scary. Especially now, in my own mind I have crossed that border into 'skinny' territory and I'm hoping, praying that I can rely on my three-ish years of weight training to have built at least a foundation so that im not reduced to bones! lol, enter the self doubt hey! Don't worry, I know this is all part of the process- too skinny one day, not lean enough the next etc.
Bottom line for me is Im stepping on stage in September (woohoo!) So what can I do today to ensure that Im in the best shape I can possibly be in?


Nicole P said...

Hey! How did you get a picture of my thighs?? LOL I'm sure you will look fantastic up on stage - can't wait!! Nicole xx

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