Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Are you on a diet?

I had to laugh- just started 'official comp prep diet' and today is apparently International NO DIET DAY!

I certainly can't complain though because I don't feel like I am on a diet whatsoever! There is no elements of what I'm doing that have caused me to go into what I call deprivation mode, triggered by dieting in the classic sense (my first five years of attempts to get my weight under control). First of all, I'm eating every two hours (7 meals) so I'm never hungry. Second, I actually like what I'm eating so I don't feel like its a chore. And best of all, if I do get cravings for something thats not on my daily meal plan, I just think- ok, I'll eat that in my weekly free meal! (by which time I'll probably have forgotten about it).

The shift in my 'non deprivation' mindset has taken a lot of work to accomplish. For some reason some of us women don't like to be told what to eat and stubbornly refuse for a long time that we simply cannot eat whatever we want, whenever we want (despite all attempts to out train said bad diet) and ever hope to achieve the high goals we set for ourselves. Firstly I accepted my body for what it was, a marvellous machine capable of great things. Then I accepted that there are certain non negotiables that I must create my lifestyle around in order to shed the fat and build muscle, its not personal, its fact! Then I made them habits. So now that comp prep is here, Im very used to doing a shitload of cooking every weekend, Im very used to having people comment on what I eat (and how often) and I'm very used to being 'anti-social' by turning down crap food and alcohol!

So no, even now Im not on a diet. Not yet! I know that to get into comp shape (not just shredded but ... peeled I think is the term I heard in 'muscular development') is going to be far from a walk in the park. Come 12 weeks out and especially the final 6 weeks are going to be hard, gruelling and Im going to be begging why, why WHY!!! But I know that its only temporary. Because thats all diets ever are- temporary action for a temporary result.
Are you on a diet or is your current approach to eating something you could successfully maintain indefinately?


ss2306 said...

Oh - PEELED - I like it! I like it a LOT!

And no, not on a diet, just a decrease in food volume at present. What I eat now is what I'll always eat, just unfortunately not as much.

Well done on overcoming the mental hurdles. Half your battle is already won.

Raechelle said...

The only time I have ever been on a diet was for comp prep.

At least you are going into the comp prep with eyes wide open! Because yes, the last few weeks are gruelling-YOU CAN DO IT!

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