Sunday, May 3, 2009

20 weeks out at last

Well, to be precise- 19 weeks out today from the WFF on Sunday 13 September and 21 weeks out yesterday from the ANB State titles on 26 September 2009.

Ali and I saw our coach Jon on Friday and had our plans changed slightly- another meal for me per day to try to crank my metabolism up a notch. Plan is to drop body fat nice and slow over the next 8 weeks as painfree as possible :) He and I are really happy with where Im sitting at the moment.

Im in a good headspace as well which helps! I can't stress enough how starting to rein things in early helped enormously in preparing my body and mind as much as possible for what is ahead. The last few months I have been through the rough patch in struggling with following a meal plan (seeing it as a diet = deprivation = eating disorder triggers) but now, I finally feel like an athlete.... !

Burn is healing slowly, its kind of fun to gross people out what with the dark scab falling away in patches, but I thought better than to subject that on to you nice people :)



ss2306 said...

I'd be pretty happy with where you're at too if I was you. You look fantastic Steph.

Keep up the great work.

Raechelle said...

You're looking great...and it looks like you've already got the posing down too! Keep on track-you're going to do really well!

Jadey said...

Looking HOT Stephie! HOT HOT HOT! Can't wait to watch you compete soon, not too long!

Jadey x

Frankie said...

Bloody looking like an athlete too. Gorgeous V Steph!

Splice said...

Check out the muscles!! You look awesome Steph :-)

Hanni said...

Hey Steph!

Your Back looks wicked bet your happy with your progress!
Finally started blogging so sorry if my rambling doesnt make sense!

Hope to catch up in 2wks!

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