Monday, April 27, 2009


I am clumsy at the best of times but this past week has been a whole new level for me. I have been spilling drinks, breaking cups plates, dropping food, falling down etc etc like nobody's business and I'm really over it! Even my workmates were having a chuckle about it the other day remincising about (recent) occassions Ive managed to spill coffee on my keyboard, hurl cokezero all over someone else's monitor (was walking past and hand caught a desk) and stand up from my desk with a dead foot only to take one step, fall over and sprain my ankle...! I think Im in for a spot of trouble these next 20 weeks from what I've heard about comp prep!

Last weekend was the worst. Sunday afternoon Ali and I were both a little tired, grumpy and bored so we decided to go and see a movie. To cut a long frustrating story there short, the cinema's carpark was full and then by the time we found a park the session was full. So not to have wasted the trip into the city, we decided to have our favourite coffee- Gloria Jeans. When I went up to get our two long blacks, mine somehow ended up down the front of my thin white singlet. AGONY! Had huge blisters appear and pop and some very tender raw skin.

Its going to take a while to heal. With respect to my comps Im glad they are not for a while yet and yes, Dream Tan is amazing and would cover everything. Im trying not to be vain but am quite concerned at the prospect of having a large and ugly scar; Ive been advised to use Vitamin E cream and to massage Bio- oil onto the area once healed, twice a day for as long as it takes...

So yeah, not much good news to report unfortunately. 20 week mark was yesterday but Im not sure where Im at right now as our scheduled appt last Friday didn't eventuate. I did choose a song for my routine and started thinking about what I might do with that but Im already umming and ahhing over the choice as its a recent song im afraid that either someone else will choose it or it may be unfamiliar to too many people... got to strike that balance i think..


Frankie said...

Ouch! I did similar thing a few weeks ago with freshly poured tea down my thigh. Blisters too.

Everyone told me to try Paw Paw ointment as well. I didn't end up using it as it healed up quite quickly after the blisters went. But that's the advice I got anyway...oh and maybe Aloe vera..

Michelle said...

Aww Steph! It's gonna be an interesting 20 weeks :)
Frankie is spot on with the Paw Paw ointment. I wouldn't have the face I do if it wasn't for paw paw ointment. I also took 2 vit E capsules 3x a day after my accident last year.
I take it bench pressing isn't much fun right now :)

Stephanie Davis said...

ouch! Any lingering scars Frankie?

you're spot on there Michelle about the bench pressing, lol- can't get that good stretch when you arch your back!

Thanks to you both for the advice.

cold drinks and plastic crockery from now on :)

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