Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy (Almost) Easter

This picture cracks me up :) Apparently 71% of people surveyed start with the ears, seems logical to me.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter long weekend!

I hope, like me you have gone and checked out when your gym is and isn't going to be open over the next four days- ours is closed Friday and Sunday and open certain hours only on the Saturday and Monday so yes all plans are structured around that!

So far only two people have been kind (silly) enough to give me choccies which i graciously and gratefully thanked them for only to regift when they went away! hehe, someone else might as well enjoy them, hey? Although the Lindt bunny my mother sent me was a little bit more difficult, might save that for this weekends' cheat meal. Ali and I are going out to dinner with his family for his Dads' 50th on Saturday night so that will be fun. 

Oh and I must correct myself, I am still 24 weeks out this Saturday from the QLD ANB State Titles, I am so keen I was trying to shortchange myself a week, lol! Sigh- come on!!! 
Im going to start posting pictures etc more regularly from 20weeks out and try not to only post ones of me first thing in the morning looking dishevelled and so skinny from not having any water yet! 



ss2306 said...

I'll gladly take any unwanted chockies off your hands!

Mmmmm chocolate - one of my daily favourites.

Michelle said...

Thanks Steph,
That had me giggling!

Em said...

Love the pic :)
I hope you enjoy your four day weekend.
Luckily I have my own gym at home so its open 24/7 no holidays hehe
Have a smashing day hun :)

Lisa Jane said...

Happy Easter to you and Ali.

Sorry I have been such a bad blogger and commenter, but I do want you to know I am reading and sending you positive thoughts.

Not having comp prep experience I feel a bit silly leaving a comment but I know you will kick ass.


Anonymous said...

I would've started with the ears as well. Thankfully my gym is accessable every single day, makes life much easier that's for sure Steph. :o)

Lia xxx

Stephanie Davis said...

Haha Shelley, good to see you are not giving up on your favourite treats. Mine have to be monitored closely... lol.

You're welcome Michelle! :)

Thanks Em. Im very jealous of your at home gym- no waiting for equipment either!

Thanks again for the comment LJ- remember, I have no comp experience either, its all new! I need all of your positive thoughts so thanks very much.

Is your gym open 24 hrs too Lia? I remember you saying you were training on Christmas day!! Knowing Ali and I we'd be there at 3am on a saturday night (beats clubbing!)

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